Beef Trout???

kaylfrazer, Feb 27, 2:37am
I have just found a mystery package in the freezer from New World, labelled Beef Trout. Anyone ideas how i should cook it?

mwood, Feb 27, 3:10am
hmmmm perhps a chicken recipe might work - try a Google search for "Cockabully"

superdave0_13, Feb 27, 5:19am
Is it a piece of meat as opposed to steak? and does it look similar to an eye fillet but shorter? If so it's a casserole/ braising/ slow roasting type of cut. Some people may know it as Blade Roll.

fifie, Feb 27, 5:42am
If its shaped thick at one end tapering to thin at other end and short thats how it gets its name trout shaped like a fish. Slow cook it either roast or crockpot and it should be fine. Id rub a little oil over it season with salt/pepper bit of crushed garlic brown allsides in a hot frying pan then throw it in the crock pot an cook. Make yummy gravy with the left over juices just before serving. .

kaylfrazer, Feb 27, 8:33am
Thanks everyone. . it appears to be rolled up. . perhaps with some stuffing inside. . not really sure. I think I will try roasting as suggested

traceedwards, Sep 13, 7:47am
Never heard of it

Bolar according to google

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