Refined coconut oil

frances1266, Nov 3, 3:21am
Can you get this in New Zealand.It apparently does not have a coconut flavour.

battgirl, Nov 3, 3:45am
Check out the Health and Beauty board. There are endless threads on all varieties of coconut oil available there., Nov 3, 4:00am
Yes, you would probably know of it as Kremelta

uli, Nov 3, 7:58am
why would you want refined coconut oil?
I always thought you were keen on "healthy" eating frances?

frances1266, Nov 3, 6:07pm
I thought you would approve Uli - lots of fat is what you push isnt it?

uli, Nov 3, 10:01pm
No - I never push lots of fat - give us a link to that will you?

buzzy110, Nov 4, 1:38am
Duh. What we 'push' is healthy eating and refined coconut oil definitely does not come into that category. It comes into the category of toxic.

And yes, refined coconut oil has no taste of coconut. Instead it tastes strongly of the chemicals used in the refining processes and it stings your tongue.

frances1266, Nov 4, 3:20am
Can you 2 butt out of this thread.You poke your unwanted noses into everyone's threads.Didnt ask for a lecture and dont want one.
Go away., Nov 4, 3:25am
Thank you!

Oh no you're MOST welcome :o)

*meh* enjoy your bun fight.

frances1266, Nov 4, 5:22am
I did say TIA but thanks again.I did not know Kremelta was coconut oil so thanks for that info.Not a bun fight Maxwell, just fed up with the lectures from the terrible two!Dont propose extending it any further.

uli, Nov 4, 6:11am
frances1266 - you do not really believe that you can say untrue things about myself without me answering do you?

I have never "pushed lots of fat" as you said above - and so I will correct you in whatever thread if you start telling stuff about me that is simply untrue.

Now get on with your refined coconut fat thread.
And of course you can get the stuff in NZ!
Here for example:

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