Coconut oil question

sarahb5, Dec 9, 9:20pm
Does anyone know if you can use coconut oil in pastry, say, half and half with butter?

mousiemousie, Dec 10, 1:24am
My guess would be no. I would think its melt point would be to low.

smallwoods, Dec 10, 4:36am
Apart from the question WHY, I'd say no.
The taste along would suffice to stop me.
I cook a lot in coconut oil, ghee and a little in butter.
Wouldn't mix them.

jallen2, Dec 10, 4:44am
If you are looking to cut down the amount of butter used - I belong to an online group that all rave about this recipe.

I haven't tried it myself, but I was thinking you might also be able to sub the oil they use for the coconut oil.

sarahb5, Dec 10, 5:28am
I was just asking because I wondered if, like lard, it would make the pastry crisper than just butter.

sarahb5, Dec 10, 5:28am
Coconut oil doesn’t taste of anything

mousiemousie, Dec 10, 6:24am
Yeah it does. I use red virgin coconut oil and it tastes like coconut.

davidt4, Dec 10, 8:18am
It depends on how the oil was processed. Virgin coconut oil (which generally means unrefined) has a strong and delicious coconut flavour. Refined coconut oil such as Blue Pacific has little flavour.

sarahb5, Dec 10, 8:38am
Exactly - I use Blue Pacific in cooking and on my skin - no coconut smell or taste

nauru, Dec 10, 8:45am
Sarah, I use it to make my shortcrust pastry, about 1/3 to 2/3 butter or margarine. It makes great pastry too, similar results as using lard, the pastry is crisper. You can't taste it either.

sarahb5, Dec 10, 8:49am
Great - I’ll give it a go - I miss lard!

nauru, Nov 24, 3:59pm
I missed lard too when I came to NZ. Since finding coconut oil gives similar results I've used that. As with anything different it was a bit of trial and error to start with but found the 1/3 to 2/3 was just right for us.

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