Woohoo just got my sample pots of coconut oil

antoniab, Jun 27, 9:29pm
Thai and Philipino, yum smell so delish!

pam.delilah, Jun 27, 10:34pm
ooooo, lucky. Where from?

deviant7, Jun 27, 10:52pm
I have the zenian philly one and its delish

bedazzledjewels, Jun 27, 10:59pm
I've just had some in a mug of boiling water - a tip from Buzzy - and it's really nice! Stays hot for ages too.

antoniab, Jun 28, 1:17am
Got the website off the coconut oil thread - naturefoods.co.nz in Wellington. Sample pots are $2 each and then you have to pay postage but good to have a wee try and see which one to buy a bigger jar off. Just had some in my coffee - very nice! :)

antoniab, Sep 12, 12:15am
Yup they are both from the Zenian range :)

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