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scholar54, Oct 13, 11:04pm
I love the Coconut Oil threads, and am wondering what meals do the people that use it daily cook? Also, I want to lose weight, and am using Coconut Oil daily to drink and cook with. I need to lose a lot of weight. Please give me your suggestions that are proven (by you) to work? There are so many helpful, intelligent, knowledgeable people on here. I'm hooked on reading Buzzy and Uli and other peoples' facts. Everybody, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Have a great day, evn if the weather is miserable!

cloudberry, Oct 13, 11:28pm
I like to dip strips of chicken breast in beaten egg, then roll them in a mix of coconut or almond flour and dessicated coconut. Then fry in coconut oil. Serve on salad greens., Oct 13, 11:38pm
I buy Celebes. . to expensive to cook with. . so have a table spoon in my coffees during the day (I normally average 3 coffees lol) Half a cup of coconut cream in my smoothy gives me another tablespoon. . eating a coconut macaroon gives me 1/2 a teaspoon ... for cooking I use ghee, and for a dressing cold oil I use EVO

scholar54, Oct 14, 12:44am
Bump to the top again.

earthangel4, Oct 14, 3:07am
I have a question for you hun, I am so interested in your posts, I have seen ghee in the supermarket with the oils, can you tell me I use grapeseed oil as I am not fused on the smell of olive oil, is ghee better.
I also use coconut oil in my coffees, do you use I tablespoon for each coffee.
My Friend whom has ibs uses coconut oil and it has helped her heaps., Oct 14, 3:34am
Ghee is just Clarified butter... well to an extent. . Ghee is allowed (when you are making it) to go a slightly nutty colour giving it a bit more flavor. I have posted the link to the site I used in one of these threads.

Grapeseed oil - see now after all our talks here I am really hesitant to use any product that has to be chemically extracted - grapeseed is one of those, they dont cold press it (technically they do but who spends $25 on 250mls? )*goes off to shoot parrot*

after all Uli and Buzzy's posts I went off on a fact finding mission. . come to the conclusion that there are 3 safe oils. . Coconut, Olive and butter. . thats it. . (edit - theres actually another. . Palm oil - the only thing wrong with palm oil is the ethics behind how they are growing it ) when it comes to olive. . 2 types are safe. . Extra virgin - normally labled as "first press" and - Olive - most sold as straight olive are the 2nd press so no heat has been used yet so no damage has been done to the oil... anything past olive. . going into the 'Light/lite' category, those appear to be chemically extracted from the left over mushing of press one and two. so by this point you have not only left over chemicals in the oil but you have a heat damaged oil which even thou its touted as a 'healthy oil' now contains transfats.

Coconut oil and coffee... or as my hubby likes it. . hot chocolate lol

yup I am up to 1 tablespoon per coffee - thats when I am not eating it off the spoon anyway lol - I figure thats the easiest way for me to take it. . I tend to average 3 coffees a day so theres my 3 tablespoons... on the days I have a smoothy with coconut cream and a few Coconut macaroons (recipe in another thread) I have had close to 4 tablespoons (which is what seems to be recommended)

earthangel4, Oct 14, 4:04am
Thanks so much Maxwell, think I will change to ghee, I also cook in butter so thats great.
Not sure about cooking in coconut oil, as yes its expensive for us too, so in the coffee it goes, Oct 14, 4:10am
Good luck on the Ghee front!

I have noticed since I made the first batch, 1 500g block of butter made about 400ml of ghee, we have used probably half of that? close to that this week. . normally we would probably go thru about half a bottle of oil a week. . I've noticed the foods cooked in ghee dont really hold on to the ghee. . if that makes sense. . unlike cooking in liquid oil how the food sucks it all up... other than mushrooms. . the ghee all pretty much stays in the pan.

danielvds, Oct 14, 5:43am
I don't use the CO for cooking as I find it taints the recipe flavour which I'm not fond of. I was using the deodorized CO at first as it was given to me to try. It was IMO the perfect oil for cooking with until I did further research about the processing it can go through to give it zero flavors. According to the jar, it is Organic and has been vacuum deodorized (no mention of RBD on the jar). Does anyone know how this is done and if it is safe to consume? I have emailed the suppliers (Chantal) to ask if it was bleached but the failed to answer this question when they replied to me answering other questions I had.
As everyone else has stated, it is nicer to put it in your coffee but drink it while it’s hot. I let a cup go cold the other day (as I tend to have a habit of doing while I'm rushing around) and forgot it had CO in it. Very unpleasant swallowing coffee with lumps in it lol. I also don't suggest taking too much as once if you are new to CO or use to a low fat diet (perhaps a teaspoon per drink and build it up slowly) as it can give you nasty nausea and an upset stomach. I also melt it in a shot glass and taken it in one hit as I try to limit myself to one coffee a day., Oct 14, 5:46am
I found chantals did that regardless daniel (the tummy upsets) not a very good quality oil in comparison to Celebes thats for sure.

And no they didn't answer my questions either. . so IMO thats another reason not to buy their product.

scholar54, Oct 14, 6:58am
Nice discussion guys, back to the topic, what do you normally eat each day please? I need to lose heaps of weight. My money has been going on healthy food, and last week I paid no bills. I get really annoyed that to be healthy, one has to pay the earth, and if not financial, (like me, ) one can end up in dire straights.

danielvds, Oct 14, 7:12am
thanks maxwell. I'll get the Celebes next time. I'm sure you have already said, but was it John Appleton website that you purchased it from?, Oct 14, 7:20am
what do you deem healthy food scholar (out of interest)

scholar54, Oct 14, 7:24am
My Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Bread, my fruits, Acai Juice, my expensive Trade Aid tea, and Caffeine Free Coffee, my Organic eggs, Organic bacon, Organic items, my Gluten Free Flours, etc, etc, etc. Why do you ask Maxwell?

scholar54, Oct 14, 7:26am
Now I want Stevia, have used it before. Also, buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I share my meals and baking with my children their partners, friends, etc. My friends love my cooking and baking.

scholar54, Oct 14, 7:27am
Can't forget my Organic Meat, as well.

scholar54, Oct 14, 7:28am
Two of my grand-children, aged 1 and 4 love my healthy food and my baking too., Oct 14, 7:35am
sounds good scholar. . My curiosity was waiting to see if u listed one of those 'low fat' diets. . should have known u'd have better taste :o)

uli, Oct 14, 7:48am
If it is certified organic then it is not allowed to be bleached!

The vacuum deodorization process consists of blowing steam through the heated fat held under a high vacuum. The volatile components which are responsible for tastes and odours will distill, leaving a neutral, virtually odourless fat.

So the only negative thing is that the fat has been heated. I use the one that tastes like coconut (bought also from Chantals in a big bucket) and I like the flavour. Obviously not with every meal I cook, but where it fits in I use it.

scholar54, Oct 14, 7:49am
Haha Maxwell, I've always been interesed in food and health. My mother was an amazing cook, my dad too. My mother was from Fiji, we were brought up on lots of veges, taro, coconut cream, hot curries, chicken, pork, rice, chow mein, steak, Schnapper, all of my siblings are great cooks. My dad's parents came from Wales, and my dad believed in eating veges steamed, he said all the goodness was in steamed food. Also, he said veges straight from the garden were best. My mother bottled fresh fruit, made the best chutney in the world, made jams, etc. Our families' friends envied our food, we took steak, pork, ham sandwiches to school. Of course ham wasn't the garbage it is today. I remember taking bacon and egg sandwiches too. We had hot breakfasts, and were very well fed. There were six children in our family. Food was everything to my mum, and she would share with anyone and everyone., Oct 14, 7:53am
oooh *drools* . . *goes back in time to grow up with scholars famz, shhh there was 6, they wont notice another hehe*

scholar54, Oct 14, 7:58am
My dad had been in Hiroshima at age 17, during the Second World War. As a girl, dad told me how seaweed was good for us to eat, he cooked up mushrooms, and loved butter. He also made a great Toheroa Soup. I didn't eat those foods then, but now love mushrooms cooked in the pan, and I love Sushi, even though some people might not think that it's good to eat. I remember my dad licking the butter paper, after the butter had been put into the butter dish, and my mum dry reeching, whilst watching my dad. Sadly, my dad died at 57, from cancer after helping with the "Hiroshima" clean up. My dad didn't like salads, and used to say to my mother that he wasn't a rabbit. He ate a lot of radishes though, (he used to grow them, ) they are good for our health. Before my dad was diagnosed with the cancer, he was never ever sick. He never had the cold nor the flu, nor or anything else. I believe it was because of his diet, he drank lots of full cream milk too.

racheee, Oct 14, 9:53pm
Love the recipes in Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon, heaps of yummy soups and curries etc!, Oct 14, 9:58pm
aww thats just to sad. shame they had to back then and still do today use humans as guinipigs.

scholar54, Oct 14, 11:16pm
Thanks Maxwell, my dad was so clued up about health, exercise, etc. I learnt a lot from him. He used to ride his bicycle everywhere, even bought the groceries home on the back of his bike in a big cleansack. You would call it a rubbish bag. He didn't overeat, and used to go on the yearly "Round the Bays. " He die six weeks before my twins were born. He was a very intelligent, talented, friendly, kind man. He was also an only child. He's been dead for 24 years, I still miss him heaps.

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