Meals i can freeze and then just heat in microwave

j_quigley, Apr 3, 8:06am
My hubby and i are about to move into a little caravan while we build our house (approx 4mnths). the caravan has very little cooking facilities. Has a fridge/freezer, a microwave and a toaster - thats about it.

Im looking for a wide range of good, DELICIOUS meals that i can make now and freeze then pull out for dinner and heat in the microwave.

Any ideas?


speedy_11, Apr 3, 8:20am
Soups, casseroles, pasta sauces (pasta is easy enough to cook when you need it)

littlebambina, Apr 3, 8:24am

amourette, Apr 3, 8:30am
Curries, meatballs, fish pie... . .

doug57, Apr 3, 10:38am
Get yourselves a crockpot at least. . nothing will beat the smell of something scrummy cooking! And an electric frying pan means you could whip up bacon and eggs! But in the meantime, grab some plastic takeway containers from the supermarket and start freezing a variety of roast meals, curry and rice, beef stroganoff, smoked fish pie, mac n' cheese. If they are frozen in one person meal sizes you won't both have to eat the same thing. Just about anything that you like to eat now could be frozen into individual servings. You could use the crockpot for rice puddings or other desserts [look in the Alison & Simon Holsts slow cooker books]
Sound like it will be 4 months [plus] of fun! ... . Enjoy :))

toadfish, Apr 3, 5:19pm

Why don't you buy one of these... they are cheap and when you have finished you can resell it for what you paid for it. The life can go on as normal... .

4 months is a long time (and you know with building could easily slide to 5 or 6 months), if its a domestic fridge/freezer you won't fit 4 months worth of frozen meals in it if you want to keep bread, frozen veg, ice cream etc as well.

Just my opinion anyway...

dbab, Dec 30, 2:08am
The Easy Cook oven is great too. You can bake cakes, scones etc as well as cook meats etc in it.