Comfort food / invalid meals

luvlee2, Sep 12, 8:43pm
Hi, looking for any simple meals for my son who is recovering from a nasty illness that landed him in ICU.He is recovering slowly at home but eating takes quite an effort so looking for food that is easy to eat (& preferably to prepare).Any favourite recipies/hints/ideas would be greatly appreciated please.

stormbaby, Sep 12, 9:22pm
I hope your son is feeling better soon! I had my Mum here at the beginning of the year and she had terminal cancer. I used to cook things like mashed spuds, peas, soft things. Lightly grilled chicken (with lemon and lime juice) macaroni cheese, light pasta dishes, sloppy fried eggs (Mum loved these). Lots of soup with croutons floating in it. I made bulk quanties of chicken, vege and tomato soups in the crockpot, nice and tasty. Home made pasta sauces went down well too. Best of luck!

juliewn, Sep 13, 9:01am

In addition to Stormbaby -

Yoghurt.. , very tender stews/casseroles, an egg or two added to hot mashed potato makes them softer and the heat cooks the eggs.. add grated cheese to it too for extra taste.. fresh orange juice,

Sago pudding -a quick microwave caramel sago is our favourite - will post the recipe below.. it's delicious.. and very smooth so is easily swallowed..

Smoked fish pie.. have the fish and veges small and tender..

Stewed apple, rhubarb, etc.. with custard..

Banana's - mashed if he likes that.. add a little cinnamon and some coconut to it too..

Caramel Sago:
Place 1/4 cup sago and 2 cups milk in a large deep microwave proof bowl.
Zap for 12 minutes on high stirring every few minutes.
Check to see if the sago is clear - if little white centres are showing, zap a few minutes more.
As soon as it comes from the microwave and the centres are clear, add 2 eggs and stir (or whisk) through immediately.
The heat will cook the eggs, and they'll thicken the sago.
Straight after they're stirred through well, add 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp vanilla.
Stir through - and it's ready.. yummy Caramel Sago..

Eat hot, warm or cold.. lovely with peaches or pears..

For variations:

Lemon Sago:
Use white sugar instead of brown, and add the juice and finely grated rind of one lemon. Make as above..

Creamy Sago..
Make a plain type of sago by omitting the vanilla, and replacing the brown sugar with white sugar

Rhubarb Sago
Add some finely sliced fresh rhubarb to the milk and sago mix as soon as it's ready, zap for a couple of minutes more for the rhubarb to cook, then add the rest of the ingredients.. use white sugar if you want.

Best wishes.. I hope he's feeling better quickly..

juliewn, Mar 16, 11:02am
Homemade banana icecream is good too..

Freeze some banana's with their skins on - the skins will go black.. once frozen, peel and chop and place in a food processor.. whizz till blended.. add icing sugar to taste and just a little milk or cream and whizz again.. and you have freshly made fruit icecream..

Jellies are good too..