Heating frozen meals in microwave

anne1955, Aug 17, 11:44pm
Hi people I know this question is almost like how long is a piece of string. lol but I just want approx. times. Freezer meal full size frozen in microwave safe shallow dishes, then vacuum packed and frozen. Ok granted it possible thaw in fridge first BUT if not an option ideas on reheating can u just reheat is so at what temp in microwave or use the defrost first then the reheat? Does anyone use the vacuum packer to do meal for heating and eating this way? Cheers found all sorts of 'stuff' on Mr Google but all disjointed well to me it was. Thanks Anne

kaddiew, Aug 18, 12:05am
It'll be trial and error, depending on what the food is and how gutsy your microwave is, but you can reheat from frozen. I would remove the vac pack, cover but with an air vent, and start with 2 or 3 minutes on high, then medium high in 30-60 second bursts till it's steaming and you can feel warmth on the underside of the plate. Better to be more cautious until you work out works best for your situation.

Others will no doubt have different methods.

(Those small frozen Watties-type snack meals are 4-6 mins on high from frozen.)

lythande1, Aug 18, 2:15am
1 to 2 mins is what we do.

karrie3, Jan 2, 6:15am
My mw has a defrost function which always works. I give frozen things a burst or two until they're unfrozen, then a few mins on regular if needed. Otherwise sometimes the outside's hot but the middle is still cold