Organic coconut oil and roast leg of lamb?

zuggle, Nov 13, 11:13pm
Or rice bran oil! The two oils I have in the house. Which would you use for an evening roast! I'm partial to coconut myself. Your thoughts! Thanks.

sarahb5, Nov 14, 12:40am
If the coconut oil hasn't been deodorised I would use rice bran oil - I don't think the combination of coconut and roast lamb would be good

accroul, Nov 14, 12:56am
I'd go with the coconut oil myself.

zuggle, Nov 14, 2:25am
Thanks sarah and accroul - the coconut oil is deodorised (I'm not too silly, lol) and I'll go with that.

sarahb5, Nov 14, 2:32am
Well you can never be too sure on here!

dreamers, Nov 14, 3:03am
I don't put oil with my roast only a bit of water and let the fat come out of the roast,which will give you enoughfat for the veg to roast .

davidt4, Nov 14, 3:25am
I don't add any fat to a lamb roast as there s plenty in the meat.Just sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.

rivercottage1, Nov 15, 3:12am
If you coat all the roast vege with melted coconut oil, salt and pepper, you will make the most crispiest vege ever. (i use garlic salt) YummO

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