Baking with Coconut Oil

chasing, Aug 15, 11:28pm
Does anyone have some recipes which use coconut oil? Don't mind if they are sweet or dinner one. I have done a google search and there appears to be only overseas sites.

uli, Aug 16, 6:12am
You can make mock chocolate (usually called "bark" for whatever reason) and some cake recipes.

Personally I use coconut oil for cooking savoury things. Anything that needs frying is fried in coconut oil - fish, steaks, potatoes etc. It can be heated up more than any oil or butter without burning.

twelve12, Aug 16, 6:32am

It makes an insane cake. the most incredibly rich thing I've ever eaten. It's amazing.
It turns out very flat and almost slice-like. But I made two small cakes (twice this recipe) as our wedding cakes, and everyone got a piece, and some to take home, and there was heaps left over. that's how rich it is.

Freezes beautifully too.

mjhdeal, Aug 18, 3:44am
I mainly fry/roast with my coconut oil, as I don't have much of a sweet tooth, and I'm rubbish at baking anyway. However, here is a really good NZ site (I have made quite a few of her recipes). The link should take you to recipes using coconut oil:

Edit: link doesn't take you to search results, but just type coconut oil in the search bar to the right :)

mjhdeal, Aug 18, 3:47am
Here is a quick & easy chocolate truffle recipe using coconut oil, for those days when you need chocolate, and you need it fast:

3 Tablespoons cacao or cocoa
2 teaspoons coconut oil
2 teaspoons honey
Mix, mix, mix! And eat and feel better ;)
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hohee, Dec 3, 1:10am
Crockpot Lamb chops.
PLEASE something tasty,chops seem big.Thank you.Hokee

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