Have just bought some coconut oil....

antoniab, Jun 21, 1:55am
from BinInn, an Indian brand and just tryed some in a coffee. Not entirely sure what its supposed to taste like but its very strong, and not like a coconut milk or bounty bar taste lol could it be rancid? Sorry just not sure what its supposed to taste like?

uli, Jun 21, 2:31am
As we have pointed out in the coconut thread repeatedly you get what you pay for. Bin Inn wouldn't be a place to buy unrefined virgin Thai or Phillipine virgin coconut oil - simply because it would be too expensive.
Check out the coconut oil thread for good sources.

antoniab, Jun 21, 3:49am
So what should it taste like?

maxwell.inc, Jun 21, 3:56am
Mellow coconut flavor, some find it sweet (normally those of us who dont eat sugar products), not bitter, does not leave a scratchy feeling in the back of the throat, is smooth in texture, is white in colour while solid has a beautiful tropical coconut smell.

All of which u wont find for under $15-20 per 500mls

antoniab, Jun 21, 4:17am
Great, thanks :)

maxwell.inc, Jun 21, 5:09am

On our picky list we have

Top of the picks out of all brands in NZ

Zenian - Philippine or Thai (I prefer phili)
And John Appletons Virgin CO

Both types can be found by googling NZ

antoniab, Jun 21, 5:12am
Great thanks, Ive had a wee read through some of the related threads and have a link to the one that does some $2 sample pots, might give them a go first.

maxwell.inc, Jun 21, 5:27am
Yep thats who I buy off

Other yummys they sell are, Creamed Coconut and Cocoa Butter. They will do samples of those too if u ask nicely :o)

uli, Jun 21, 9:12am
Hmmm - just HOW nicely do you need to ask LOL :)

maxwell.inc, Jun 21, 9:18am
Bat ur eye lashes, hoist the girls up, pout ur lips.

deviant7, Jun 21, 9:34am
maxwell do you like the zenian one better?

seez1, Jun 21, 9:43am
Today i recieved my x2 $2 testers from online and you will notice a HUGE HUGE taste difference - as last week i bought some coconut oil from the 4square for $5 and it was horrible really really strong! I thru it out LOL! This real stuuf is just so smooth and light and really yum -

PS i think out of the Zenian range - Philippine & Thai are very very similar? ? ?

mwood, Jun 21, 9:49am
You ugli dizzy people need to get out into the real world a bit you are all talking about different products 1. Buko is juice of a young green coconut 2. Copra is dried coconut meat 3. Dessicated Coconut is shredded copra 4. Coconut oil is used for cooking it is heat extractedfrom copra - usually clear to yellowish 5. VCO - Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed from fresh coconut meat - it is very clear but goes opaque and white when chilled (NZ) normally used as a health product. 6. Coconut Cream is the white thick liquid extract from coconut meat or copra a second pressing with water gives 7. Coconut Milk - also white but thinner. Each is obviously different from the other and normally used for it's individual quality.

maxwell.inc, Jun 21, 10:05am
way better (only the phili one thou)

maxwell.inc, Jun 21, 10:07am
Mwood have u even read the thread? we actually DO know what we are talking about (and the different products)

If you dont want to read the thread and work that out. . why even bother ranting?

antoniab, Sep 14, 7:44pm
Just to let you know, you can buy it at BinnInn Hamilton East - the Ceres (sp) brand and a virgin brand from the Phillipines. Both just over $9 - I just got the wrong one - (the cheap version) :)

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