Healthy Meal Plan

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elliehen, Nov 3, 1:12am
The convenience foods are there for a quick-fix - they're misused when they become daily fare.

With practice and a few reliable recipes, it can be just as quick to start from fresh and from scratch - as in that nourishing and appetising meal, the stir-fry :)

uli, Nov 3, 4:05am

buzzy110, Nov 3, 4:08am
Lol. Like you and ferita you mean!

kay141, Nov 3, 4:25am
Another year old thread dragged up by Uli so you can both take potshots at others. Life must be extremely boring for you both.

uli, Nov 3, 4:29am
I love finding old threads - and not for taking pot shots - you are much better at that kay141 - but because I find them intriguing. Also I am worried about you kay if you see double here - I am just 1 person, not "both".

You may also notice that I only post in threads I am interested in - no matter how old. While you post nonsense like the post above - which give poster#1 no help whatsoever. Of course I could let the old threads drop down and just start new ones, but why! A lot of old threads have quite a bit of knowledge in them already.

So what is your healthy meal plan kay!

kay141, Nov 3, 4:33am
My comment was to Buzzy110 as you can see.

I think my meal plan has been mentioned before. Everything in moderation. I'm not overweight and that style of eating has been good enough for me so far.

uli, Nov 3, 6:25am

kay141, Nov 3, 7:33am
And it was in answer to Buzzy110's post as it shows. She was the one who mentioned my name.

elliehen, Nov 3, 9:40am
Spooky to see all these ancient threads exhumed.There are so many interesting new questions being asked by new contributors to Recipes.

It's also a bit unfair, not to mention odd, to take a throwaway line like that in post #10 and answer it as though it's current.It's one whole year old!

buzzy110, Nov 3, 9:26pm
If you think the handle "wicked witch" fits you then .! Shrugs.

bunny51, Oct 31, 8:48am
sorry it is