Passionfruit Curd

vintagekitty, Oct 24, 9:31am
I bought a jar of this, its made by Barkers. Oh my, Im in love with it. It is necter of the gods. Is it easy to make?. I have eaten a jar in two days.

kuaka, Oct 24, 10:21am
Don't know, never tried it, but it sounds as though it's similar to lemon curd (or lemon honey as some call it) but made with passionfruit instead of lemon.What ingredients are listed on the jar?My lemon curd recipe calls for lemons (obviously), butter, sugar and eggs, it's easy and it's delicious.Assuming the passionfruit curd is made the same way, then I'd say that it would be easy to make.

deus701, Oct 24, 10:22am
Easy to make, but passionfruit filling/puree are pretty expensive.

elliehen, Oct 24, 10:33am
I've made it by making the usual lemon curd/honey and adding passionfruit pulp to it.Passionfruit flavour comes strongly through the lemon.Can't remember exact quantity of passionfruit but don't think it would matter.

vintagekitty, Oct 24, 8:16pm
cool, I went to buy some passionfruit this morning, $29.99 a kilo!, so I just bought 8 "real" passionfruit and a couple ofjar's of passionfruit pulp. So here it goes, im using my nan's recipe as its divine.

Oh and another jar of Barkers Passionfruit Curd - thats my third this week!.

bedazzledjewels, Oct 24, 8:53pm
I get my passionfruit fix from Jok'n'Al's passionfruit dessert topping - no sugar but sweetened with Splenda. VK you've got me salivating with this talk of passionfruit. It's such a well named fruit!
Will have to try the lc version of lemon curd with some passionfruit added.

kuaka, Oct 24, 10:05pm
I know passionfruit are expensive to buy "per kilo" as I used to make passionfruit wine when I grew them myself and was horrified to find the cost of them at the supermarket (but in saying that you do get quite a few for a kilo as they are reasonably light - but to make a 20 litre barrel of wine I need a supermarket bag full of them).How much is the Barkers passionfruit curd for a jar, and how big is the jar?Three in a week - it must be lovely stuff.

janeny1, Oct 24, 10:12pm
I have a passionfruit curd recipe - it's just the normal lemon recipe with the juice of four passionfruit added. The method states - Halve the passionfruit and scoop the seeds into a sieve set over a bowl. Prees out all the juice and discard the seeds.
I also have a grapefruit variation where you simply use only one lemon and replace the rest of the lemon rind/juice with grapefruit rind/juice.

kuaka, Oct 24, 10:14pm
I've also used my gran's lemon curd recipe but replaced the lemons with oranges or mandarins, both work well and are equally yummy!

bedazzledjewels, Oct 24, 10:59pm
Well, Kirinesha's gone and made me some low carb passionfruit curd! Aren't I lucky!

vintagekitty, Oct 24, 11:44pm
Kuaka, The Barkers Passionfruit curd is about $5.99 or $6.99 a jar, i cant remember the exact Price, sorry. It is situated by the jams, spreads etc. It is so good, esp with thick slabs of toasted grainery bread. How did your passionfruit wine turn out?, that sounds lovely. I have only tried making wine once, when I was a Poor Uni student, we tried making feijoa wine in our manky old bath and it was awful.

jag5, Oct 24, 11:45pm
I have heaps of passionfruit pulp in the freezer from last season, I might have to make some curd too.I make a very yummy Passionfrut Pie, (more like a cheesecake) but very popular with family.

We moved recently, and I have planted 2 passionfruit, so hopefully they will do as well as my last ones.

pam.delilah, Oct 25, 3:37am
Passionfruit curd:

4 eggs,
2 egg yolks,
3/4 c caster sugar,
3/4c passionfruit pulp,
125gm cold butter cubed.

Place eggs, yolks and sugar in microwave jug or bowl.

Whisk till well combined.

Add passionfruit pulp and butter and stir.

Microwave uncovered on MED for 6-10 mins whisking every minute or until thick enough to coast a spoon.

Pour into sterilised jars and seal. Refrigerate to cool. 6-8
Passionfruit make about 3/4 cup.

elliehen, Oct 25, 5:45am
bedazzledjewels, if you want a little quick fruit fix for a topping, you might like to check out sugarless babyfood!I believe you can buy little jars of stewed organic fruits with no added anything - no artificial sweetener and no added sugar.

They'd probably be a lot cheaper than your Jok'n'Al too :)

bedazzledjewels, Oct 25, 6:12am
What a kind suggestion Ellie!
I'll stick with the grown-up stuff like berries and cream!
That pf curd was very good though.

rog.e, Oct 25, 6:36am
Barkers Passiomfruit Curd 370g jar is $3.79.

greerg, Oct 25, 7:45am
Vintage Kitty if you like Barkers' passionfruit curd you should try try their lemon and passionfruit dessert sauce - $11.02 for a 1.2 litre bottle.It only comes by mail order.Their website is and you'll find it under catering packs.The large bottles of dessert and other sauces are very reasonable and the 1.1 kg jars of their most popular chutneys are also a really good price compared with the small jars at the supermarket.They don't do catering packs of the jams and curds yet.

doman1, Oct 25, 8:07am
you can buy the lemon and passionfruit dessert saucefrom gilmours

greerg, Oct 25, 8:11am
Oops - may be some other retail outlets as well.I just haven't seen any of these in Christchurch.My boys swear that the chocolate and caramel sauces are exactly the same as McDonalds' sundae sauces.

elliehen, Oct 25, 9:25am
'Tasti' brand does a pretty good passionfruit syrup for under $3.00 a jar.

momma1, Jun 25, 2:49am
you should try the barkers curd stirred through your greek yoghurt, very nice and i make my own but only when passionfruit are in season