Yellow leaves on passionfruit

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bunny51, Jul 13, 10:44am
Thought i would ask here since there are more people about than in gardening and many people here know about gardening. My passionfruit vine has grown yellowish leaves and I was wondering is this like citrus and I give them some epsom salts or a different cause needing different fix it" (Also my strawberry pants seem to be disappearing. I was going to replant them and move them around a bit but when I went ot look at them it wa smore ike look for them LoL (As you may have guessed I know very little/nothing about gardening so would really appreciate your help.

nfh1, Jul 13, 10:46am
I have killed four passion fruits so think I will leave this thread now!

bunny51, Jul 13, 10:50am
Lol I had another plant that struggled on for about 12 months never got more than 30 cm tall with a twig for a stem but always had a green leaf on so never quite had the heart to pull it out "just in case"(My father bought them both, the other looks like a yellow triffid ) eventually the frost got to my little stick and th elittle leaf fell off.

beaker59, Jul 13, 10:51am
I wasn't going to comment as I really know nothing about passionfruit growing or strawberries for that matter but the bit in brackets about your strawberry pants dissapearing had me in hysterics, thanks :)

nfh1, Jul 13, 10:52am
LOL - missed that! No wonder OP is worried!

bunny51, Jul 13, 10:56am
Lol (the L on my laptop keeps sticking. I had better start double checking everything Hehe)

nfh1, Jul 13, 10:58am
someone told me after the 3rd one died that passion fruit is the easiest thing to grow! So I bought number 4 and killed that one as well.

bunny51, Jul 13, 11:02am
Lol The only thing I can grow with any reall success is weeds. (I have 3 citrus plants they are small with little thick skinned fruit- when they ever grow any all my neighbours have huge citrus trees that are laden with fruit! )

nfh1, Jul 13, 11:05am
I have a lovely lemon tree which thrives on neglect, it is labelled as a Meyer Lemon but I read on a thread in here that it is probably not, but it does have lots of lemons on it.

I don't think I should rush into the gardening business!

passionfruit3, Jul 13, 11:07am
Hi - Your passionfruit probably needs feeding; they're really greedy (some say "gross feeders") and need lots of sheep pellets/horse manure/blood & bone spread around the plant, to about 30cm radius.
Yellow leaves are often a sign of lack of nutrients (as well as lack of water if dry! ) Heap plenty of compost around it too.
Strawberry pants always die back a bit in winter, so don't worry. They'llstart growing new leaves when spring comes. U can move them around (if u can find them) - give them a bit of compost and possibly even some peastraw mulch around & between them.
Hope this helps -Good luck!

jaybee2003, Jul 13, 11:30am
Edible undies and passion fruit.

I bet there's some interesting recipes created courtesy of your garden. Perhaps this is the latest trend in Potanger Gardens? If so, I think I need one!

bunny51, Jul 13, 11:31am
Thank you that's great. Might just leave the strawberries for a couple of months or so then. (Was beginning to think I must have donesomething to them and they had packed their bags and left. )

DO you know anything about citrus trees? Maybe they have developed thick skins to put up with the neglect they get at this house. (Love nice gardens, fresh fruit and veges but not so keen on all the work that goes into getting them)

bunny51, Jul 13, 11:32am
Lol (Shh but what's a potanger garden? ) Interesting recipes um well I think things would have to grow first lol. (Interesting tales though perhaps... )

jaybee2003, Jul 13, 11:49am
Potanger Garden = a Kitchen/Vegetable/Edible Garden :-)

Citrus trees like lots of water during the warmer months, and are heavy feeders, so fertilise regularly with Citrus Fertiliser. I sprinkle it around every two months or so during the warm growing season, and once or twice say early autumn, and late winter. Water well after fertilising. As you mentioned too, epsom salts are good if the leaves are turning yellowish.

Tomato food is great for your strawberries during the growing season. So if you are growing tomatoes as well, each time you fertilise them, toss some on the strawberries too. No need to buy special 'strawberry fertiliser'. They do die back in the winter, but will come away again in the spring. Now is the best time the replant or plant strawberries too btw. They say to plant in July so they can be in the ground over the cold winter for maximum fruiting in summer. Plant your strawberry pants in a raised mound. It helps keep them clean and healthy.

bunny51, Jul 13, 8:03pm
Thank you for all your help. looks like I my have a day in the garden once school is back. Z(i edited to add the l's lol)

wheelz, Jul 13, 11:38pm
If this helps... Strawberries are dormant this time of year and usually only show a few tight leaf buds, and are either bought in this stage or if already in position, older leaves, laterals and spent fruit stalks are removed ready for new growth in spring, about which time you can add fertiliser and mulch
Passionfruit- first make sure it is planted in very well draining cool soil, with foliage in the sun, if no cool root run, either use a thick mulch, away from trunk or pavers. I have found mine flourishing with a good thick layer of sheep poo ( Bought stuff that has wool munched with it, name escapes me) And feed in spring onwards, often thru the growing season with fruit tree fert.

fisher, Jul 13, 11:50pm
Passion fruit. . needs your hubby to go fishing...
"What ! ! ! " I hear you say? ? . . LOL. . he needs to mow the lawn. . hahaha
well mine looked a bit sad like yours and after coming home one day from fishing, I filleted the fish and bagged up the guts and frames as you do. . all the rest, bits and pieces of fish, blood and water went off down the drain of my outside fish bench into a large drum. . My clever wifey decided in her wisdom to bucket out this water, and water the two passion fruit plants we have over raised boxes and duly flooded these with the water. . BOOM! ! did they sharpen up and produce an abundance of fruit this year. . our Ice cream never tasted better...

bunny51, Jul 14, 3:40am
HAve you been spying on me? Lol. Took the kids fishing on Sunday (Never mind the hubby he hs jobs to do round the house lol) It was a kids day run by the anglers club/society at the trout hatchery. They both caught a fish problem is when I got it home I don't know how to gut and fillet a fish and hubby (Who I thought would know, doesn't know) so I gave it a go and ended up with fish mince Never thought to give it to the passionfruit though. Might have to look out for the next kids day so I can take them fishing again so I can feed the passionfruit LOl (You could come for a visit and show me how to gut and fillet fish, everyone else just laughs at me when I tell them I don' t know how to do that lol- everyone else lol For all I know you ccould be one of the everyone else. )

fisher, Jul 14, 4:58am
hahahaha... would love to show you how to fillet a fish. . but don't blink. . problem me and "mud fish" dont really like each other. . just one of those flavours I can't seem to really get into. . strictly salt water fisher person tis me :}}

indy95, Jul 14, 6:26am
Edible undies and passionfruit in Recipes ? My goodness, things are improving in here !

beaker59, Jul 14, 6:37am
Don't know what you are missing Fisher trout make great sushimi and are awesome smoked but agree not so much as a meal more as something to have on a cracker.

bunny51, Jul 14, 9:15am
Well maybe I will have to go up there. I'm not fussy when it comes to fish (mud fish lolthat's thr second time Ihave heard that in 2 days and I reallly like trout smoked too-forget the crackers hehe. )

seniorbones, Jul 14, 10:18am
I bought a passionvine last year went on holiday and there were VERY severe frost while we were away - when we got back it was almost dead so I cut off the black bits feed it well and ended up with 30 passionfruit but unfortunately they didnt ripen very quickly infact some are still green and hanging on the vine, some did drop off so left them on the window sill in the sun until they turned black and have frozen them, they are very tart I thought they were usually sweeter than they are? but I know they are gross feeders so will feed every two weeks.

bunny51, Jul 14, 10:59am
I found with mine that the ones that fell off were sweeter thn the ones that were picked (but then mine were ripe and wrinkly when they fell off)

fisher, Jul 14, 11:35am
yup. . come on up bunny51 and I'll treat you to some butter fried snapper. . smoked kingfish steaks. . smoked mussels. . deep fried bluenose chunks. . and best of all. . smoked broadbill caught by my mates wife. . oh and I'll teach ya how to fillet and skin a snapper. . lol:}
You can bring some mud fish and a kilo of salt with you. :}