Breadmaker recipes

anisha123, Oct 18, 1:53am
Just got a bread maker yesterday, but have no recipes, can anyone help? Is there a good website that has recipes for bread makers? Its a breville one and the instruction book was not in the box so dont have any from that either.

cookessentials, Oct 18, 2:01am
There is a fabulous bread making thread which I am sure you will find very helpful.

lilyfield, Oct 18, 2:36am
and surely you have a public library?

anisha123, Oct 18, 6:05am
No no public library was closed down due to earthquake! And the way our council works here you cant join another one unless you live in the area.

graciousgraphic, Oct 18, 7:28am
You can join the Chch library - see:

although you _may_ have to pay for some items.

korbo, Oct 18, 6:59pm
tried, tested and good...
300ml warm water
2 teasp sugar
1 1/2 teasp salt
2 tablespoon oil
3 cups flour
2 tablesp milk powder or milk
3 teaspoons ofyeast. (red lid jar)
put all in bucket in that order, and press your start button.
when the beep beeps, add anything like sultanas, chese, onion anything.

snuzal, Oct 18, 7:06pm have to use the oven for some part, but looks yummmyyy

propagator, Oct 19, 2:59am
Google:Bread Machine Digest.Lots of recipes and hints.
good luck.

chevycoupe, Oct 21, 7:50pm
Hi Ive doneKorbo s postedrecipe and its easy and so far, fail free,I add nutmeg cinnamon fruit nuts crystalized pineapple,all chopped up and eating it for breakfast as we speak.

charlieq1, Oct 21, 8:18pm
I got my recipe out of Edmonds cookbook after a few failed attempts from the book that came with breadmaker. Lately I've been making Rewana in the oven and it makes a huge loaf and only need to make one a week rather than every couple a days with the breadmaker.

macandrosie, Oct 22, 8:51am
Well this isn't bread but they are nice buns just the same
Apricot Pinwheel Buns:
Into a bread maker place -
2 tabs yeast
1¼ cups milk
¼ cup oil
3 cups white flour
Allow to process & to rise. (Someitimes I put the dough cycle on overnight so it has also risen during this time, then you don't need to place in a bowl to rise, either way is fine, it's just how much time you have)Take out & place in a large greased bowl, cover with glad wrap & leave in a warm place to rise (about 45 mins)
When sufficiently risen, turn out & knead onto a well floured bench. Roll out to 1 cm thick. Soften 50 gr butter & spread ½ of it onto the dough. Sprinkle over1/3 cup brown sugar, then some chopped apricots & cinnamon. Fold dough in half again, spread over half of the remaining butter, more apricots, sugar & cinnamon. Repeat this process one more time, this time leaving out apricots. Roll into a log & cut into 5 cm lengths. Place in large greased muffin pans & bake @ 160°C for 12-15 mins.
You can also replace trhe apricots with sultanas for a change.
Didn't you get a recipe book with your breadmaker?

patsy06, Jun 18, 7:50am
I recently bought a Sunbeam breadmaker off TM, and found recipes that came with it were not working Alison Holst's Bread Book and haven't looked back (and haven't bought bread since) :)