Butter to oil conversion

smoocherpete, Oct 15, 9:25am
Hiya, the recipe I want to use calls for 125g of butter, is this the same as 125ml of canola oil?Thanks, Peter.

245sam, Oct 15, 8:17pm
Hi Peter, what is your recipe for?

From this MB I have kept the following which is advice for muffin making.As yet I have not personally used the substitution and I am not sure whether it would work successfully for e.g. cake and/or biscuit making.....

"make all my muffins with oil instead of butter now.My rule is for every 50g butter use 40ml oil. I use rice bran or canola oil now as it is apparently healthier but I guess you could use olive.
fantalantique (408 )1:46 pm, 26 Jul"

Hope that helps.:-))

smoocherpete, Oct 16, 12:03am
Thanks Sam, it's for Nigella Lawsons Rhubarb Cornmeal cake. I shouldn't really eat butter, or cheese, (of which I've just had two sandwiches).

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