look at these great cakes

nikki38, Feb 25, 6:29am
bit gruesome but I can really appreciate the talent that went into creating them

245sam, Feb 25, 6:33am
What cakes nikki38? Have you missed posting a link or ... . . ? ? ? ?

nikki38, Feb 25, 6:34am
sorry computer had a tantrum... . link edited in now...

nikki38, Feb 25, 6:38am
and I could not imagine cutting and eating this one

wilson16, Feb 25, 7:56pm
That's just creepy.

Here's a swamp cake I made for my 10 year old son.
The pink things are those lolly mushrooms (didn't show up well in photo)

http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/19/121529019_full. jp

barloo, Feb 26, 4:35am

wow, thats one Awesome cake!

theanimal1, Feb 26, 6:31am
thats pretty cool xxx

djcjhcclc, Sep 11, 8:00pm
Very interesting

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