Savoury Muffins

craftylady1, Oct 9, 1:57am
Went for a coffee to the Little River Store a couple of weekends ago and had the most yumy savoury muffin i have ever eaten. Was wondering if i could copy them so made lemon muffin recipe base...flour, baking powder, eggs milk, and added chopped ham, parsley, red onion and tasty cheese. Would have put some corn in as well, but didnt have any.
They are YUM YUM...only problem was getting them out of the pan even though i had sprayed the pan. Word of advice....use a ton of non stick spray, or bake them in paper muffin cups.

gardie, Oct 9, 6:34am
You can add a tsp of chicken stock to the flour mix - adds beautiful flavour.To stop them sticking so badly, instead of putting the cheese inside the muffins, pop it on the top before cooking.You just have to run a knife around the top bit of the muffin instead of all over!

finlight, Oct 9, 7:26am
use those blue oven proof muffin trays

alebix, Oct 9, 10:16am
Did you wait till they were stone cold before removing them?

mikew, Oct 10, 1:08am
I cut small squares of baking paper and put them in the bottom of my greased muffin trays...was sick of getting muffins stuck. Works beautifully every time.

zaling, May 19, 6:56am
I've just made some muffins, used baking paper cut into squares too.
Muffins/ or a crustless quiche if interested !
1 courquette grated
1 carrot grated
1 cup tasty cheese grated
2/3 cup flour
salt & pepper to taste
3 - 4 eggs
mix altogetherput in large muffin pans or pie dish baking 20mins - 1/2 hour @ 375 F // 180 C
If you like a small wedge of feta on top. yummmmmm !

Very filling even use in summer served with a salad for dinner.