Savoury Muffins as canape

petmacorpltd, Mar 5, 8:57am
A request for a wedding canape is a savoury muffin (filled). I was wondering if anyone had something special they could recommend. Thanks.

cgvl, Mar 5, 10:46am
I do one that I use my basic muffin recipe and add peppers, parsley, onion, chives and a good pinch of dried mixed herbs as well and then a goodly amount of cheese. I fill them with mashed egg with a piece of tomato on top. Do them in halves rather than put a top on, just makes it easier to eat.
You could use grated zucchini and or chopped tomato but be careful with the tomato.

kaddiew, Mar 5, 6:13pm
I did some tiny mini savoury muffins recently with the usual ingredients but using corn relish as part of the liquid content. Kept them whole and removed a 'plug' from the top of each with an apple corer and filled the hole with corn relish.

nauru, Mar 6, 6:09am
Grated Zucchini and parmesan or spinach and feta cheese are both great muffins (mini size is good) with just a pinch of chilli in either of them. Sometimes I add a little chopped red capsicum. Cutting the top of the muffins to make a cap and topping with a little cream cheese or caramelised onion relish or mustard pickle looks nice too .

aisling8, Mar 6, 6:32am
A basic plain muffin recipe with some herbs or whatever to flavour but top with 1/2 tspn or so of Barkers Capsicum and Apricot Relish and a small thinly sliced piece of camembert cheese on that. This is one we have used many times for catering jobs. The capiscum relish can be bought at the supermarkets.

blands70, Mar 6, 11:34pm
I make mini cheese puffs and make a cut in the top, and fill half with half a cherry tomato and a piece of fresh basil, and half with brie and chutney.

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 8, 8:54pm
I just do a basic cheese scone recipe and cook in mini muffin tins, spilt in 1/2 and spread with cream cheese mixed with dill and a slice of salmon.

katalin2, Oct 16, 5:14pm
Alison Holst has a recipe for avocado mini muffins sliced down the middle and filled with a blob of sour cream and slice of smoked salmon- have made this heaps they look great and colourful as a platter full of muffins. Don't have time now but can post recipe later.

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