marree, Oct 3, 7:51pm
Anyone have a home made recipe for this please?

horizons_, Oct 3, 8:30pm
Make a strong cuppa (no milk), let it cool. Add sugar to taste, a squeeze of lemon, sprig of mint and lots of ice. Voila, iced tea. Taste test till you get the balance of flavours you prefer.

cookessentials, Oct 3, 8:34pm
You can also used some of the lovely fruit teas available to make a delicious iced fruit tea.

hindsfeet, Oct 3, 8:49pm
My Cousin in the states was very suprised when he came for a holiday here that he couldn't buy iced tea at a cafe here. All he did was order a black tea and glass of ice cubes poured the tea over the ice and he was a happy man.

marree, Oct 3, 8:57pm
Thanks - sounds good. I find it nice & refreshing - but costs a bit to buy the bottles from supermarket - so just thought I'd give it a go - make up some bottles (say 2.5 litre or similar), but just wanting to know what ratio's - how many tea bags, how much sugar....??? ta

cookessentials, Oct 3, 10:10pm
It would really be down to your individual taste. You can get the iced tea carafes with the filter in them which makes the job easy.

marree, Oct 3, 10:30pm
ok thanks all - I will 'experiment' with all these ideas - see how it goes!

stormbaby, May 6, 4:14am
We absolutely love the Liptons Iced Tea. We were buying the bottles from the supermarket, but far too expensive then found the powdered variety in Binn Inn, which was much, much nicer. Unfortunately they don't appear to be carrying it anymore, as it was lovely, and really economical. I have tried making it, but can't get the same sweet taste. If anyone comes accross the Liptons powdered stuff I would be very grateful. Its sooo refreshing to drink.