What's the best brand/sort of breadmaker?

k1andb2, Feb 24, 12:46am
I've got a sunbeam country bakehouse... . but have lost the paddle :( Think the kids must of thrown it in the rubbish with the crust lol.

So I'm going to have to buy another one, just wanting your opinions on the best one to buy... ... . . I'm thinking one that bakes the bread horizontal rather than vertical (if you get what I mean) may be better.

lythande1, Feb 24, 12:50am
The "Manual By Hand" one.

bunny51, Feb 24, 1:33am
WOud you be abe to order a new paddle? I got a new pan for my breadmaker when the non stick wore off from Harvey norman. (BY the way I have a sunbeam Can't remember what it is called but it is a horizontal loaf and is extra large- can take up to about 5 cups of flour (And used to have a brevile and that was good too. )

rossco51, Feb 24, 2:55am
Hi bought a Brevile of TM brand new with a collapsing paddle & from memmory it was about $120. 00 delivered, works well cheers.

gildon, Feb 25, 8:41am
We bought a Breville from Briscoes a few months ago, from memory it was $149. It has hardly had time to cool down since we had it. I love it. It bakes the bread 'horizontally'. Love the pizza dough and have tried one or two of the other recipes in the book and they have all turned out great.

korbo, Sep 7, 10:55am
yep all brands seem good, i have 2 brevilles, and a sanyo. all make great loafts

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