White Sauce with this Flour?

courtney2004, Sep 29, 2:43am
Is it okay if I make White Sauce for Mac n' Cheese with self raising flour? thats the only flour we have left impart from Corn Flour and plain Potato Flour.Really feel like Mac N' Cheese tonight!!

melp6, Sep 29, 2:44am
Yeah, I've done it, and no worries

courtney2004, Sep 29, 2:46am
Cool so best to use Self Raising flour or Potato Flour?

cookessentials, Sep 29, 3:23am
bear in mind that self raising flour has raising agents in it, so it may have some taste. Use a tasty cheese for extra flavour.

margyr, Sep 29, 3:26am
i used self raising flour once by mistake to thicken a stew and it bubbled and frothed, so wuld not use in a cheese sauce.

courtney2004, Sep 29, 3:33am
bumping for the final question to be answered

margyr, Sep 29, 3:40am
From google ; Starch (such as all-purpose flour, cornstarch, or potato flour) will keep the cheese from curdling. If using all-purpose flour, add it to the mixture before the cheese; it needs to be cooked for a few minutes to remove the starchy taste.
So yep use potato flour.

courtney2004, Sep 29, 3:43am
Many thanks! I am now so going to enjoy this Mac N' Cheese with the day as it has been here it will be really nice treat. My brother has said out right lies infront of me about me to his wife and I said "it does not pay to not tell the truth" and he said to his wife "oh but you would agree with all of this its like the other stuff I said last week" I am just so about to give up on him for life at this point. He has blocked me from facebook and has posted messages etc about me. so I am now off to enjoy making this dish thinking of all these lovely truthful people.

margyr, Sep 29, 3:46am
mmmm enjoy, mac cheese is a good comfort food. and by the day you have had you need some comfort.

cookessentials, Apr 24, 4:19pm
Yep potato flour. We had cauliflower cheese the other night and it was so tasty. Had not made it in quite some time.