Simple GF recipe for melting moments (yo yo's)

roxursox, Feb 23, 2:43am
Anyone have a simple straight forward no special ingredients needed recipe for gluten free melting moments (yo yo's). Is it possible to make them by substituting the normal flour for maize cornflour and using GF custard powder etc and not having to use guar gum or xantham gum as I don't have these products at home. The only recipe I have is my edmonds cookbook recipe and that one doesn't even use custard powder and I was sure they have custard powder in them? ?

emmapine31, Feb 23, 2:52am
I use the edmonds cook book all the time for my GF baking. I can't remember the yo yo mix but I made the shortbread and used Healthries baking powedr as well as the corn flour. They were amazing!

roxursox, Aug 31, 10:08pm
I wonder if you could just substitute the normal flour for maize cornflour in the edmonds shortbread recipe? I love shortbread but have never made it

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