Help...... i need cola jelly

kelz139, Sep 14, 2:52am
hi does any1 know were i can buy cola jelly from n chch? ive tryed pack n save and countdown, im beginning to think they dont make it anymore????

lizab, Sep 14, 3:01am
I looked in New World a couple of months ago as I was sure I'd seen it, but it was nowhere to be found! Thought I must have imagined it!! Maybe you're right Kelz, they don't make it anymore??

245sam, Sep 14, 3:11am
kelz139, I've just had a look at Gregg's website and from that I think your assumption that "they dont make it anymore" is correct - have a look at:-

My only suggestion is to use cola (as in the fizzy drink) and gelatine and make your own jelly that way - I'm not a huge fan of jelly so I have never tried this myself but I don't know why it wouldn't work although I'd probably allow the fizzy drink to flatten first (unless you would like the jelly to have its bubbles) rather than heat it to dissolve the gelatine and/or flatten the cola.

Hope that helps.:-))

gigglebunny, Mar 18, 6:14pm Hope this may help :)