White Sauce - without white flour?

allurs, Sep 12, 8:49pm
Hi guys,

Just wondering, does anyone have an idea of how to make a white sauce without using white flour & butter?!
I'm allergic to it, but after seeing a thread on here I'm craving for a fish pie!!!

Oh what 2 do!?

davidt4, Sep 12, 8:53pm
There is a lovely smoked fish pie recipe on the "low carb cooking in style" web site.The sauce does not use flour and it is much tastier than the usual kind.

allurs, Sep 12, 9:16pm
tanx! i'll have a nosy! Oh before I forget davidt4, I tried the low carb diet, but wow dont know how u guys do it?! I always felt empty and craving for something sweet! but then I thought 2 myself prob cause I train alot so you loose alot of the sugars and salts you need in your body etc!

allurs, Sep 12, 9:17pm
Thanks again, I just hada look but its got to much dairy in it! :(

winnie231, Sep 12, 9:32pm
Can you have milk? If so you could try this one I found through google -

White Sauce

2 Cups Milk 2 Tablespoons Butter

2 Tablespoons Cornstarch Salt and Pepper to Taste

Rub the butter and cornstarch together and add the cold milk. Place over a moderate fire and stir constantly till it boils; cook thoroughly. This sauce may be used for vegetables. For fish, add hard-boiled eggs, either chopped or sliced.

harrislucinda, Sep 12, 10:51pm

fee1965, Mar 14, 5:13pm
I ALWAYS use cornflour - it is actually gluten free too.Always gives a lovely velvety consistency to sauces & gravies.Only ever use white flour if I am out of cornflour, make sure you cook it out thoroughly.