Can i change butter to oil instead and if so which

pauliot, Feb 22, 9:37am
Hey would like to know if you can change the butter to oil, and if so which oil is best to use.

Your comments would be much appreciated.

245sam, Feb 22, 10:15am
pauliot, does your question relate to the making of anything in particulare. g. muffins, cakes, biscuits, or? ? ? ?

I have not used personally done the following but if you're wanting to make muffins, then you may like to try doing this... . .

"make all my muffins with oil instead of butter now. My rule is for every 50g butter use 40ml oil. I use rice bran or canola oil now as it is apparently healthier but I guess you could use olive.
fantalantique (408 )1:46 pm, 26 Jul"

red2, Feb 22, 8:55pm
I find the rice bran oil good in cakes and muffins

pauliot, Feb 25, 6:26pm
thanks heaps thats helpful i did mean in baking. Butter is getting quite expensive these days.

lythande1, Sep 7, 11:54pm
Depends. Mixing butter in say, cheesecake base, oil wouldn't work because it won't set hard.
But where that doesn't matter then oil is fine. But if you need the texture, then no.

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