How do you stop cakes rising in the middle

jamiemew, Sep 6, 8:10am
this is going to sound strange but is there a way to stop cakes raising in the middle? is it to do with over mixing or something?
im making my daughter birthday cake but its going to be a double tier so was hoping to have a flat bottom cake lol without having to cut it!

superstitious, Sep 6, 8:22am
could flip it upside down so the curve is on the bottom

but it would be easier to just slice the "bump" off the top.. then do a crumb coat.

camper18, Sep 6, 9:33am
If you are cooking your cakes on FANBAKE try using just BAKE instead. I had this trouble and read this tip ion this forum last year and haven't had much trouble since.

ellebaby, Sep 6, 9:36am
i watched a baker, they flipped it upside down.

redhead96, Sep 6, 10:04am
you hollow out the mixture in the middle before putting in oven is another trick
If not if cake is yummy cut off mount and eat it

fifie, Sep 6, 10:32am
If your icing a cake or tiering it up always turn it upside down then you get a nice flat surface for the top to work with. Depends what you are making it out of but sometimes if its a chocy cake or similar and you cut it you get crumbs all the way through the icing which is annoying.

kuaka, Sep 6, 7:08pm
If you're making a heavy fruit cake and it rises in the middle, try this trick.When you take it out of the oven, flip it over onto a clean surface (place a sheet of tin foil over the workbench), carefully remove the tin, reverse the tin, so that the bottom of the tin sits on the bottom of the cake (which is now uppermost) and press gently but firmly, to squash and flatten the top of the cake.Then leaving the cake upside down, put the tin back on, and cover the cake and tins with a couple of towels and leave to cool slowly.This keeps the cake moist.If you like, you can pour some brandy onto the top of the cake before flipping it.This way the brandy soaks up into the cake, the taste and smell are yummy.

jamiemew, Sep 6, 8:16pm
mmmmm like the sound of the brandy and tricks on the fruit cake but this is chocolate and for my daughter birthday lol so think i will get in trouble using brandy lol
the main reason i didnt want to flip it or cut it was the crumbs and icing.... so will try the scooping out and other tricks on here thanks for that:)

cookessentials, Sep 6, 9:38pm
decrease oven temp and cover lightly with a little foil

cap, Sep 6, 9:56pm
If you make something like a mudcake they don't tend to rise.I have just started making Sophie Gray's "Dana's Chocolate Cake" and found that didn't rise as much in the centre as recipes I have used in the past plus it is the best and easiest cake I have ever made so win-win!

sara134, Mar 2, 10:13pm
i made my daughter a 2 tier cake for her last birthday and to make it flat i just cut the middle bit that had raised off and turned it over , iced it and no one was the wiser :)