Rolled Roast in a Slow Cooker - How?

rosielee3, Feb 22, 8:48am
Hi all, we have been given half a cow - and that includes every type of cut you can imagine! so for me its a bit of an effort cooking it as i love light meals! but am planning on cooking one of the rolled roasts in the slow cooker. Do i just pop it in on its own and leave it? - like i do a chicken? and tips and if anyone has tried it and recommends it would be fantastic! Thanks

dbab, Feb 22, 11:14pm
Use the search facility at left, and click on anytime. There was a thread on this a while ago.

eljayv, Feb 23, 3:06am
Poke a few slivers of garlic into it and put it in the slow cooker for 8 hours or more depending on size of roast. Juices that are in the pot at the end of the cooking time can be made into the most delicious gravy.

goldgurl, Feb 23, 3:28am
I always sear the meat I am going to cook in a HOT pan first... just seems to bring out lots of flavour.

doug57, Feb 23, 3:54am
I just drizzle with balsamic vinegar and pop lid on and leave. . The juices make for a delicious gravy [I just add a bit of bisto to it and leave the lid off and stir occasionally as I dish up everything else]

If you hate cooking, or just want a time saver [I do this all the time]. . when you cook a big piece of meat, Cook HEAPS of roast veggies, cauliflower cheese, brocolli, beans etc at same time, buy some 'takeaway containers' from supermarket, and line them up on the bench next to your dinner plates! . . I try and dish up 5 extra roast meals when I cook a big size 30 chicken, or a large piece of beef. Cool them and toss in the freezer.
On a lazy night you can turn them out onto a plate and reheat !

spongeypud, Sep 3, 6:48pm
I sear mine first and also put my favourite sprinkling of seasoning on with salt and pepper. Also if it's not huge and will go into an oven bag, it's even better as there won't be any cleaning up to do later, I pop in some finely chopped onion and carrots in the bag with it and you can make gravy later.