Rolled roast of Beef

pickles7, Apr 25, 7:45pm
I have just put into my slow cooker,
1 chopped onion 1 chopped carrot 1 stick of chopped celery
3.564 kg rolled beef.
1 cup of water
1&1/2 tsp salt
Put the lid on and turned the slow cooker onto Auto.
We are off out the door, won't be home till around 4 pm.

queenmaeb, Apr 25, 7:58pm
I'm going to cook mine using the rotisserie function of my mini oven. Only takes an hour so by the time I do the vegies & whip up pudding it will be ready. Then I'll chuck a batch of scones in the warm oven.

harrislucinda, Apr 25, 8:41pm
havenoteven thoughtabouttyet

spot20, Apr 25, 9:14pm
Whats for pud! sounds like my kinda meal!

pickles7, Apr 26, 4:30am
cool, the meat is near being ready, I remove the meat when it reaches 160%F,70%C. Medium is our preference.