Rolled roast

stevo275, Aug 11, 9:27pm
whats the secret to cooking a rolled roast. did the last one in oven tray tough and dry as.

harrislucinda, Aug 11, 9:33pm

stevo275, Aug 11, 9:37pm
its part of the home kill package so got to use it sometime

pogram0, Aug 11, 9:46pm
Countdown are selling rump roasts now and I find these are really good.As there is only me in my household and I do like a beef roast every now and again, I find I can cut these either in half or into three, freeze the other bits for another day, and I get a roast with no waste such as fat or any other tough bits that are inedible.

cuteviolet, Aug 11, 9:47pm
Try cooking it an oven bag next time so the juices stay around it.

stevo275, Aug 11, 9:53pm
ok cheers will try the oven bag .least the the dog will be happy either way.

flo16, Aug 11, 9:55pm
lovely done in the crockpot

littlemissy1, Aug 11, 10:05pm
Yep I would crockpot it, yum!

stevo275, Aug 11, 10:40pm
ok first time using crock pot do u turn the meat or just let it do its thing

fifie, Aug 11, 10:45pm
Have a big rolled roast in the C/P today rubbed it all over with oil,s/p,crushed garlic, browned all sides in a hot frying pan with a few sliced onions. Put all into c/p with a good slug of balsamic vinegar over top. Dinner time lift meat out rest covered in tinfoil tip juices and onions into saucepan make a yummygravy.Serve with your favvegs.

fifie, Aug 11, 10:52pm
Turn your C/P on to heat up while your preparing the meat, put meat in lid on and leave it to cook. Don't lift lid and peek as u will cut 20minutes off cooking time everytime u do this. Enjoy.

stevo275, Aug 11, 11:06pm
thanks very much appreiate the help.

ridekawasaki, Aug 11, 11:18pm
Try in slowcooker on low from lunch till dinner with last 1/2hr-hour on high, just put it in on it's own no water or anything like that. but try with a packet of maggi onion soup mix sprinkled over top ( my pops recipe) tastes good! and is moist. Never have to touch it the whole time.