Best way to cook rolled Roast Beef please?

zuggle, Jun 22, 4:25am
A friend has given us a 1.2kg "Roast Beef" (label) tied with string. It's not beef flap, is pretty solid actually, but with a faulty oven presently, I need a tasty recipe for my deep frypan, - or perhaps crockpot! Cooking tomorrow.
Many thanks.

petal1955, Jun 22, 5:37am
place in an ovenbag and cook at 160 C

depending if your like it. rare then 20-25 mins per 500g
medium then 25-30 mins per 500g
well done then 30-35 mins per 500g

beaker59, Jun 22, 6:22am
I would brown it in your fry pan well then put it into the crockpot. Then deglaze the pan by sweating off some onion then half a cup of red wine pour over the top of the roast. add some rosemary and bayleaves also a few garlic cloves peeled.Then cook on high forabout 4 hours.

Turn the juices into gravy by thickening with Cornflour and season to taste. Sometimes I add water from the Vegetables if the gravy is a bit too rich.

gardie, Jun 22, 6:52am
I cook rolled roast in my crockpot on high until tender.Plenty of salt and pepper is all that is needed.

zuggle, Jun 22, 8:19am
Thanks all posters above, some good suggestions there.

cats5, Jun 23, 7:52pm
in crockpot on auto all dayyum

zuggle, Jun 24, 7:20pm
Just reporting back for those interested - the rolled beef turned out soooooo delicious! In the end I took a pinch of advice and a pinch of my instinct and browned (sealed) the meat at a high temp in an electric frypan, poured a little soya sauce carefully over it and rubbed in half-teaspoon each of oregano, cummin, paprika and garlic powder, placed in crockpot, sweated an onion and also placed in crockpot, added NO liquids, just put lid on and cooked on LOW for 8 hours. Supremo!