Rolled Roast beef- how do you cook it

konga, Apr 19, 3:03am
Thank goodness Icut it in half and cooked half last night and it was soooo tough and horrible, what can I do with the other half - dice it into casserole? ? ? slow cooker - please help as dont want to waste it. Was like eating rubber... ... . and yes left overs for tonight already cooked.

fifie, Apr 19, 3:42am
Rolled roast beef needs to be cooked long and slow. Crockpot is a good way. Rub a little oil over roast, then rub in some crushed garlic and salt, pepper. Brown it well all over in a hot frying pan to seal in flavours, put it in your crockpot sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar on it and cook. When done take out and rest covered with tin foil to keep juices in while you make gravy from the juices left you should have a nice tender roast. OR if you haven't a C/Pot rub some of your favourite meat rub on it, salt and pepper pop it in a oven bag and cook it in the oven slowly. .

3jtrader, Feb 14, 6:51am
I do mine in the roasting dish in the oven like a regular roast. I coat it with pepper, rosemary, garlic, oregano, plenty of soy sauce and a couple of tablespoons of black coffee, pour 5 cups of water over it, and cook for 3 and a half hours at 180degrees. I like to turn it over every hour, and at the 2hour mark I sprinkle it with half a chopped onion. Take it out of the oven 15mins before eating and let it sit in the roasting dish while you make gravy out of the juice. It always ends up nice and tender for me.