Cooking time for rolled roast?

datoofairy, Mar 3, 12:35am
I have been asked to cook a rolled sheep roast (I dont know if its lamb or mutton or whatever).I dont usually cook sheep roasts.
It weighs 2kgs.How long should I cook it and at what temperature for it to come out cooked right through, not rare, no blood please.
Is there anything I should do to it to make it taste better!
Thank you :o)

fifie, Mar 3, 3:05am
Got a crockpot/ slow cooker!best for a rolled roast, it is nice in that. Turn C/P on high to heat up, rub oil all over the roast with a little crushed garlic, S/P and sprinkle some meat rub on it. Heat frying pan up till hot meat in and brown all over. Put into the crockpot a bread and butter plate turned upside down put meat on top of this ( sometimes rolled roasts put out a lot of fat and plate keeps meat up out of it) drizzle some balsamic or red wine vinegar over it and cook. Turning once during cooking time. Cook on high in the C/pot, auto in a Slow cooker. Take out when cooked rest covered with tin foil while you do vegs and make gravy from juices. Slices even better next day cold. No C/pot/ then make up a paste of oil, salt pepper, some paprika,cumin, rub all over the meat into a roasting pan lid on and cook long and slow about 150c, for a few hours remove lid last 1/2-3/4 hr and brown, you might have to turn the heat up a bit.