rack of lamb

seniorbones, Feb 22, 4:57am
easy way to cook please, I took 2 out of freezer for bbq and then only 3 people turned up, also had a marinated leg of lamb which we still have lots leftover so have to cook the racks, I cant refreeze! !

lythande1, Feb 22, 5:52am
Cause you can, I've done it heaps of times.

karenz, Feb 22, 5:54am
I just roast them with lots of vegetables, or I suppose you could cut them up into chops and casserole or fry/grill them.

seniorbones, Feb 22, 6:03am
They were baby racks about 8 on each and two in each pack, maybe I will re-freeze the 2nd pack, they cost a fortune from gourmet direct, seems a waste just for us two.

beaker59, Aug 28, 11:59am
I would refreeze its OK with red meat provided you didn't thaw in the Mic its white meats that are dangerous to refreeze.

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