Lamb shanks

j_quigley, Aug 2, 9:43pm
right ive got lamb shanks ready to go in the crockpot, just not too sure what else to put in with it
Anyone have a deliciuos lamb shank recipe?

lavender32, Aug 2, 9:46pm
red wine, sauteed onions, tomatoe paste, tin chopped tomatoes. or you could just use a packet of oxtail soup mix.

antoniab, Aug 2, 10:03pm
Carrot and leek :)

beebs, Aug 2, 10:27pm
lucky you to have, them, gosh they are hard to buy these days..........even with the gold plated pricetag

poppy5791, Aug 2, 10:33pm
rosemary, garlic, onions, carrot, red wine, splash of chicken stock, cook for 2-3 hours

daleaway, Aug 3, 1:37am
Lois Daish has a lovely recipe with red wine, onions, raisins and seasoning.

deus701, Aug 3, 2:47am
i think the maggi lamb shank sachet for crockpot was good.

fee1965, Aug 3, 2:53am
a handful of chopped prunes (don't knock it) really adds a richness and darkness to the gravy - can't taste them, they disappear into the gravy

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