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gysmo1, Dec 17, 8:34pm
I have 2x lamb shanks that i was going to slow cook in crockpot. What should I add? I have a few maggi sachets, also have a McCormick slow cooker, beef and red wine casserole, would that give an ok flavour?

fisher, Dec 18, 12:38am
Peel a few carrots and put the peelings in a large pot... pinch all the spindly leaves off your celery in the fridge and throw them in. . 2 bay leaves, 8 peppercorns, half a roughly chopped onion, grind of rock salt... .cover with water and bring to the boil... Put in your mcCormick's and mix through and let simmer for 30 mins, strain and put into your crockpot... (discard the peelings) . . run your knife around the small end of each shank cutting to the bone. . this will make the meat bunch up at the thick end as it cooks, be more thicker and juicy. . Now chunk up the carrots, peel some spuds (kumura also if you like) and chunk up also. . Par boil these in a pot with some salt, drain and set aside. . place in the crockpot for the last hour of cooking time... When adding the veges, place in some tied up sprigs of rosemary and some red wine. . do a taste test of the stock. . For serving remove, the rosemary sprigs. . and the shanks to rest... strain the juices into a pot and simmer with a "little" cornflour to slightly thicken. . Plate up the shanks and veges and spoon the sauce over... Real fresh bread with lashings of butter...

daleaway, Dec 18, 1:11am
I use onions, raisins and red wine mixed with water. Plus seasoning.

male_timaru, Dec 18, 5:38am
Scrap the maggi sachets - yuck!

Do it naturally

Red wine or white wine vinegar, Celery, mint, jasmine, thyme, parsley, carrot, red onion, leeks, parsnips, swede, potato and 1 litre of water in a large casserole dish with lid

thicken using double cream or whipping cream slightly at end

davidt4, Dec 18, 5:49am
Jasmine? How unusual. What kind of jasmine do you recommend?

I agree with you about the sachets.

male_timaru, Dec 18, 7:28am
i just use the jasmine off my plant in garden lol! ! !

fisher, Dec 18, 9:13am
Jessamine, Jasmine, Poisonous parts . . entire plant, Toxins unknown
causes sweating, weakness, convulsions, respiratory failure, death

male_timaru, Dec 18, 12:21pm
Blardy Nora - sorry wasn't jasmine - eeeeeek well spotted fisher! ! ! Was Rosemary! ! looked at wrong label on plant in driveway! ! Jeeees thanks for that!


zorrodog, Dec 18, 5:14pm
Please tell me what is the difference between double cream and whipping cream

fisher, Dec 18, 10:08pm
yeah chop a few sprigs of rosemary and tie together with a twisty tie. .
Just make sure the "bouquet" is under/in the juice during the cooking time... nice and easy to lift out and discard when serving...

davidt4, Dec 18, 10:18pm
In NZ just use ordinary cream.

male_timaru, Dec 18, 11:37pm
The difference is the measure of milk fat in it - Whipping is usually around 35-38% and Double cream is much higher at 48-55% milk fat

hope this helps

davidt4, Dec 18, 11:42pm
I have never seen double cream in NZ. Where do you find it? Next to the jasmine vine perhaps.

Ordinary cream is 38% butterfat.

male_timaru, Dec 18, 11:51pm
Real funny! ! !

Look harder then - it's in supermarketsand single cream (ordinary) is 35% (but in australasia - where NZ is - there is no law governing the levels of fats in cream) but may vary according to manufacturer

lythande1, Dec 19, 12:39am
LOL, that would taste like perfume.
I just do a basic mix:
Bay leaf
Red Wine
Onion, carrot, celery
Stock, S&P
Add other herbs to your taste, I don't use cream if I use wine.

davidt4, Dec 19, 12:45am
That's not very helpful. There is no double cream in the supermarkets I go to in Auckland. Where do you buy it?

male_timaru, Dec 19, 3:36am
Hahahaha - how can i tell you where it is in your shop? lololol

ASK SOMEONE when next in there - if they don't have it ring a milk company and ask - we can get it delivered down here to our doors via the old fashioned milk man! ! !

Is that more help - sorry i couldn't tell you which shelf to look on in the shops where you are 1200kms away! hahaa

No offence taken or meant back in return lol

male_timaru, Dec 19, 3:37am
Lol - i have used it a couple of times for aroma (with mint and lavender) - it's amazing how they make a roast taste (even without flavouring it) by just adding to the aroma put out of the kitchen! ! !

Remember food is not only tasted it is smelt and atmosphere breathed in !

fruitluva2, Dec 19, 3:44am
There are several recipes for shanks in trademecooks.

gysmo1, Dec 19, 8:06am
Thanks for suggestions guys. Going to print this thread off for next time we are having shanks

macac, Dec 19, 8:20am
I fry them off to brown them then cover in good orange juice and onion, salt pepper and tin tomato towards the end. then leave in crock pot for all long as possible. C

fisher, Dec 19, 8:57am
male_timaru. . have you EVER made this as per your post in #4. . redor white w vinegar, litre of water, cream (whatever sort) and the crockpot creating probably another 1/2 litre of water from the evaporation. . even with the faux pas of the jasmine . . you have 4 different herbs and quite frankly the clash between the celery , leeks parsnips and swede flavours with all these herbs and the acid from the vinegar and then the cream added. . in that large quantity of juices. .

male_timaru, Dec 19, 10:15am
Prefer white wine veinegar myself (but a lot of people use red wine so added it in there as an option)

NO i have never ever cooked before in my 15 yrs hospitality qualified life lololol

4 different herbs work with the differing food groups and flavours in there - perhaps you should actually try it first! ! ! The original poster asked about SLOW COOKING which to me means over the course of 4 to 5 hours (having worked in a professional kitchen before)

What you call a 'clash' is a combining of flavours and i don't classify as a clash at all. Have you not used Double cream and wine in the same recipe before?

Maybe you don't like my method - that's up to you lol but believe me i have cooked MANY MANY MANY sunday roasts (whether Lamb, Beef or Chicken) using this method so i KNOW it works.

I also did not describe the process of COOKING IT - just listed ingredients - if i listed ingredients for coq au vin you would pick the recipe apart judging by what you said about my 4 lines before! lol

I cook out of the ordinary food that works

Like my Fish Chicken and Bacon Rolls! This is a festival in the mouth!

gaspodetwd, Dec 19, 6:42pm
Loads off red wine, black pepper and just a very big sprig of rosemary. Ahhhh. So simple.

sultana0, Dec 19, 7:16pm
Why are shanks so expensive in the supermarket... they used to throw them away back in the 60's and 70's. But alas I have found a place in Pnth where they are 2 bucks each (which is pretty fair)

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