Where to buy Lamb shanks?

blackbnz, Apr 5, 7:39am
I have never bought or cooked lamb shanks but does anyone know where I can buy some please?We are in CHch can I get some from the supermarket or is it a butcher?Recommendations please!I have a recipe I would like to try.TIA

scruffy17, Apr 5, 7:41am
should find them at your supermarket

sumstyle, Apr 5, 7:41am
I find them slightly *slightly* cheaper at the Barrington Mall Butcher than from the supermarkets.Perhaps $4.50 each roughly.

blackbnz, Apr 5, 7:55am
thanks..funny I have never seen them at the supermarket!Maybei just wasn't looking!

illusion_, Apr 5, 9:59pm
Either. And unfortunately they are no longer the cheap cut they once were. Too many people caught on as to how good they are.
Real easy way to cook them - BIG piece of tinfoil, slightly smaller piece of baking paper on top, lay you shanks on this, sprinkle salt, pepper, sugar and mint sauce. Wrap into a parcel with the baking paper. Wrap that into a parcel with the foil. 160 degree oven for 3 hours. Falling off the bone delicious.

ps: baking paper is to stop them sticking to the foil

dezzie, Apr 5, 10:10pm
last ones I got where at westmeats, they are in chch as well, was 3 for $6, about a month ago

beebs, Apr 5, 11:30pm
quite often they arent available, cos if you think about it, they only 'deconstruct' so many animals a day at a butcher, so there are only so many available............

earthangel4, Apr 6, 1:10am
I get mine from my local butcher,at $4.00 each,I ring and order them,when I want them.

mouse_y, Apr 6, 5:16am
that ain't a shank , looks like a chump end

datoofairy, Apr 6, 5:16am
They were shanks.

beaker59, Apr 6, 5:21am
1.3Kg shank would have been a biggggggg Lamb

davidt4, Apr 6, 5:54am
Looks wrongly labelled to me.

rainrain1, Apr 6, 6:53am
It's not a shank on it's own, it's a leg and shank...shanks don't look like that

illusion_, Apr 6, 9:35pm
correct. The label should have read "Lamb Leg, Shank End"

illusion_, Apr 6, 9:36pm
At that price I would be filling my freezer. lol

rainrain1, Apr 7, 2:24am

ferrit47, Apr 10, 3:07am
Next time you are in Supermarket look where The Lamb Chops are & should find them there. Hoggett ones are nice too. Just put a bit of water in buttom of pan as draws Fat out and spkinle Salt over them too. Fan Bake on 150 for about hour & they come up really nice.I put Mint sauce over mine too.

karenz, Apr 10, 6:35am
If you have a Moore Wilsons handy they sell excellent very meaty shanks, I think they are from backshanks and are much meatier than the foreshanks, they are in a pack of two and are usually about 10 dollars.These are also sometimes in Countdown.

newbat, Apr 11, 7:39am
if you where in Auckland I would give you an address but I would recommend your local halal butcher they are cheapish here and excellent quality.

winnie231, Apr 11, 7:47am
There's a trader at the racecourse end of row A/B at the Riccarton market (happens Sunday 9-2) who sells shanks @ 2 for $6.

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