Lamb Shanks in Crockpot

celosia, Jun 27, 6:36am
can anyone give me a simple recipe for lamb shanks please? Have never cooked them before. Thanks.

sherralynne, Jun 27, 6:38am
Hi, take a look at Trade Me Cooks, lots of lovely recipes on there.

Here's the link to the Crockpot thread in there php? f=10&t=188


karenz, Jun 27, 6:50am
I would brown them slightly then brown some onions and garlic and put them all together in the crockpot along with a splash of wine and a tin of tomatoes and some herbs, oregano and basil, or rosemary, and season at the end.

cookessentials, Jun 27, 6:57am
I am doing those for dinner tonight, but in my Le creuset casserole. It smells delicious too. Basically shanks, beef stock, red wine, clove of garlic, fresh thymme springs, fresh bay leaves, proscuito, butter beans and a few mushrooms. It has been in about 2. 5 hrs so far-another half an hour or so and it should be ready to go.

sherralynne, Jun 27, 6:59am
Sounds lovely Pam. Enjoy.

celosia, Jun 27, 8:12am
thank you - I am inspired. Lamb shanks will definitely be on the menu this week.

cookessentials, Jun 27, 9:01am
Oh, forgot a can of chopped toms and 2 tbsp sundried tomato paste.

We have just had the shanks-man, they were good! I thickened the gravy with a little flour which I added some of the broth to and then mixed with a small whisk, then poured into the casserole. I just did a really creamy mash, placed a lamb shank on the top and then spooned over a lovely thick gravy, it was just delicious and I have actually saved the remainder of the gravy and will freeze it and use as a good base for the next one - seems a waste to get rid of it as it is thick with mushrooms, proscuito etc.

sossie1, Jun 27, 9:04am
also, (i don't have a recipe), but look up a middle eastern lamb recipe on the internet, I used to have one, and at the end of cooking in the crockpot, you would add couscous and let it absorb the liquid

tullyann, Aug 19, 8:00am
Crockpots are ok but Please get a Middle Eastern Tangine cooker its so much better for taste got ours from Acquisitions have given the crockpot awayenjoy all

nat148, Aug 19, 11:03pm
My sister gave me a yummy recipe, dried Packet mix of Oxtail soup (don't add liquid) tin of garlic flavoured tomatoes, 1/2 cup red wine, garlic, carrots and onion.

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