Vegetarian Recipes suiting for freezing

moore79, Feb 22, 3:57am
I would like to spend the day cooking and baking, healthy vegetarian food that tastes amazing that I can also freeze successfully. I have muffin recipes that I can do this with. . but some dinner ideas and maybe deserts would be great too. . thanks in advance!

frances1266, Feb 22, 7:54pm
Risotto freezes well as do most vegetarian dishes. I often throw leftover meals in the freezer and never have a problem with them.
I make up a crumble topping and either freeze it or refrigerate it and find this good for a dessert esp for winter. It keeps well in the fridge also which makes it convenient. I dont use dairy so this prob helps with its keeping abilities.

moore79, Sep 1, 7:56pm
Thats great to know that risotto freezes well. . thanks :)

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