Gluten free junk food?

mrskathy, Aug 18, 9:39am
Teenage dvd night, what kind of junk food is gluten free? Popcorn? Chippies? Sausage rolls? Cocktail sausages or what?

ruby19, Aug 18, 8:00pm
You can buy gluten free pizza bases, and top with your fave toppings just make sure any ham, bacon, salami are gluten free. Meat balls on sticks with dipping sauce, sushi, make a mexican mince and serve with gluten free nacho chips, and toppings; sour cream and guac.

herika, Aug 18, 8:54pm
There are GF popcorn buy from Supermarket, there are Healtheries Rice Wheels too, but check the ingredients. :)

mrskathy, Aug 19, 1:30am
Excellent, thank you. Anybody else have any suggestions?

lil_miss_haley, Aug 19, 3:20am
Chocolate and I second popcorn and pizza. GFTreets do donuts, mini hotdogs, battered fish and chicken strips if you can find them in your local supermarket . Chicken nibbles, you can marinate them in something gluten free, or just have them plain then bake in the oven.

cathnjim, Feb 8, 8:48am
Check out dominos pizzas, they do gluten free bases, and lists quite a few of their toppings as gf, so do Hell's pizza. I think from memory they cost about $3 more than the normal pizzas.