2.6kg leg of lamb - cooking time?

debmus, Aug 16, 12:03am
Can anyone let me know how long I should cook this for? They normally have a tag but this one is missing... I have such a bad memory.

petal1955, Aug 16, 12:13am
Pre heat your oven to 170 degrees C and place in roasting dish with oil. I would cook it 35mins per 500grms which would be about 3 hours... . basting every 20 mins... ... check to see if its the corRect "donesness" by poking it to see if the juices run clear... ... . let reset in a warming oven for 20 mins covering with tin foil before carving... ... . ENJOY ! ! ! !

debmus, Aug 16, 12:17am
Thank you petal1955...

cookessentials, Jan 28, 4:53pm
Here is the link to NZ Beef & Lamb. If you scroll right down, it gives you temps and times.