Green tea powder

seaspray1, Oct 3, 12:52am
I've been given some green tea powder and all the instructions on the packaging are in Chinese - at least I know it's genuine Chinese green tea powder! ! Anyone know the quantities for use? Enough to make a cup of green tea. Ultimately I'm planning to use it to make iced lemon green tea but in the meantime some directions would be helpful. Thanks.

cookessentials, Dec 1, 5:47pm
Sorry, cant help - you could try one of the tea shops such as teatotal - I am sure they are online

red2, Dec 1, 10:04pm
I would say around teaspoon per cup ( try and see , trial and error and all that ) . Make sure the water you pour onto it is not just boiled - otherwise it will make your tea too bitter ( this is the same for all green teas according to my tea total tin ). The water needs to be a little bit cooler. Let steep for 2 mins , then pour - add more water if required . Hope this helps ! !

vinee, Dec 2, 11:25pm
Tell us what it's like!

I have to say it sounds god awful - (and I am a green tea drinker).
powder just sounds all sludgey...

barbs77, Dec 2, 11:46pm
one teaspoon for a normal sized cup

letto, Dec 5, 7:25am
No, not a teaspoon, hubby bought some back from Japan, they drink it very weak, , 1/4 tsp per small cup. . dont know if chinese is the same as japanese green tea. it is highly prized in Japan and very expensive. . enjoy it

morgana-rose, Dec 5, 7:42am
wow where did they buy the powder from? ive been wanting to find some as i would like to make a green tea cake, i read its very nice as i found the recipe on google, mmm i love green tea with honey, hope you find the instructions on making the drink. Wish i could help but i buy it in the tea bag form,

uli, Dec 5, 8:30am
Fresh green tea pasta - nice!

letto, Dec 5, 11:22pm
morgana-rose, , try for green tea powder...
it is well worth the $$$$. .

neil_di, Aug 15, 3:05am
my understanding was that green tea powder was used as an ingredient for baking /ice cream/pasta etc. . sounds revolting for drinking. However I stand to be corrected and probably will be! ! Green tea icecream is really nice and that is all I have used GTP for.

maandpa2b, Aug 15, 7:45am
yep, excellent for making green tea sorbet etc. don't know about actually drinking it though

aly5, Aug 15, 9:31am
Isn't that the green tea that they use for the tea ceremony in Japan? If that is the case, isn't it normally whisked into hot water? It's kind of frothy, not really that nice. But the ice cream/sorbet sounds nice.

lindylambchops1, Jan 27, 10:02pm
The green tea powder makes great green tea icing for cakes! I use it on top of green tea cake or even chocolate cake. Just make icing as per usual & add 1 or 2 teaspoons of green tea for flavouring.