arrgh!! new at this baking thing.. ring pan??

lindar, Feb 21, 8:49pm
As the recipe said I lined with baking paper, but try as I might I could not pour the banana cake in, ended up spooning it in to keep paper in place. Can i please have your tips and tricks to do this please. thanks

crails, Feb 21, 8:54pm
I use loose bottom ring tins. Don't cut the paper into a circle just tear of a square, put the paper on the bottom and then put the circle on and pull it tight from under neath

lindar, Feb 21, 9:40pm
it was the sides and middle bit, or are you not meant to do that.

245sam, Feb 21, 9:47pm
lindar, when using a ring pan I line the base only and grease the sides (both the 'outside' of the pan sides and the sides of the centre ring) - some recipes and some cooks also advise/suggest/prefer to lightly flour as well as grease the sides.

I would imagine that you sure would have had a difficult mission fully lining a ring pan, let alone trying to keep that lining in place while placing the mixture in the tin, so next time I suggest that you try my suggestion which I'm sure should suffice for any cake, including a banana cake. :-))

buzzy110, Feb 21, 9:47pm
With my ring tin I line the bottom only. Conventional wisdom with cake baking is that the side should be sufficiently 'grabby' to allow the cake to rise and remain risen in the tin. The sides of the tin supposedly help the cake to stay risen as small particles of cake stick to it.

Therefore, I never line up the sides of tins, only the bottom. This has always worked for me and I have never had a cake not come out of the pan after a gentle 'swipe' round with a thin bladed knife.

cookessentials, Feb 21, 10:00pm
Ring tins are always fiddly. Baking paper is also very slippery. Personally, I would grease the tin, then put in greaseproof paper. To help it slot into the tin, I cut small slits around the inner circle to help it ease well into the tin.

cookessentials, Feb 21, 10:12pm
I am sure when I make a banana cake that I dont line the tin - I think I just grease it from memory.

lindar, Feb 21, 11:16pm
GENIUS... all makes perfect sense. Must admit I had not got very far in trying to pour the cake in when I realised that things were not good! ! ! ! Thanks for your advise everyone

elliehen, Feb 21, 11:29pm
lindar, all the above is very good advice. I'm just adding that I mostly use a Bundt pan for a special cake - a European ring tin with bumps :)I use a very light spray of cooking oil on the non-stick interior and it works well as long as I wait a full ten minutes before trying to turn the cake out.

indy95, Feb 21, 11:40pm
Lindar, you can help keep the baking paper where it should be in the tin by putting 3 or 4 small blobs of oil or butter or a light sprayof oil around the tin surface before lining it and pressing the paper down onto these. I know spraying the tin and then lining it sounds a little weird but it will stop the paper from moving around.

red2, Feb 22, 12:01am
I just find it easier not to use ring tins at all

elliehen, Feb 22, 12:27am
red2, the ring shape is so versatile, though. You can fill the centre of a chocolate ring with fresh raspberries or do a zig-zag drizzle of icing around the ring of a banana cake. It looks more special and celebratory than the usual square/round family cake.

jellabie, Feb 22, 4:25am
I line my base with paper, but first i smear a tiny bit of oil in the bottom to help the paper stay in place

jellabie, Feb 22, 4:26am
I dont actrually have a ring tin - I just put a glass in the middle of a normal tin - the glass does not break and I spray it well with oil

lulu239, Feb 22, 4:37am
I have 2 ring tins and a bundt tin. With some recipes I line the ring tins and they are fiddly. Spoon the mixture in and it catches the paper and so it folds over itself! ! Lift it off and scrape the mixture off the paper and try and stick it back to the side of the pan. Easy peasy, only you forgot that there isn't much room in a ring tin and the mixture on the back of the spoon has swiped the paper on the side again. Repeat the process! ! . Much easier to line the base only as the others have said. It will save time and your sanity.

cookessentials, Feb 22, 5:25am
I butter and flour my bundt tin and t works really well

elliehen, Feb 22, 5:31am
cookessentials, do you have any special tips for getting the cake out of the Bundt pan in one piece? Occasionally I turn out half a cake and have to do a jigsaw puzzle with the rest ;)

lythande1, Feb 22, 5:52am
Don't even own a tin.
If I make a loaf type cake I use a glass loaf dish.
Otherwise I use a glass cassserole dish and baking paper.

lindar, Aug 28, 3:56pm
thanks every one. It turned out nice thank goodness and now the kids have something nice in their lunchbox that is real and not made from ingredients that I dont recognise.

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