Breadmaker Assistance Please

sossie1, Feb 9, 6:49pm
have got a Sunbeam Convection one.

Having GREAT success with the White Bread recipe, add allsorts of stuff to it


any made with all wheat, or half and half, with any added grains etc are coming out lumpy.
i. e the top of the bread is lumpy, it is not rising with a smooth top.

I always use lukewarm water, have made with yeast and bread impriover, and breadmaker yeast.

I was wondering whether I should mix the yeast with warm water and let it bubble up first, add to dry ingredients in Breadmaker, then set it to normal white bread setting, would that work? ?

the ideas was to make healthy breads when I got it, but I am only able to make the white with about half a cup of wheat.

Any suggestions, thank you

unknowndisorder, Feb 9, 11:53pm
Not sure about your breadmaker.
I make about a loaf a day (or every 2nd at the least) wholegrain, using the edmonds mix. (about $10 for 2. 5kg, but was on special last week at pak n save).

Easy peasey, with just 400g breadmix, 1. 5tsp yeast and 200ml water. (small loaf).

Stuffed up the first time I made it as used the wrong setting and the seeds were super crunchy (used wholemeal setting I think).
You need to make sure you follow which ingredients go in first and make sure the water's not hot.

You can get small bags of the breadmix as well, and if you've got a bulk store nearby, they also do mixes (does make life easier without having heaps of different things to chuck in).

rossco51, Feb 10, 1:36am
Hi do you have a Bin Inn store handy they sell Country Grain bread mix, with the recipe very tasty & also very simple cheers.

magenta, Feb 10, 6:01am
Sometimes when you use wholemeal flour you have to add a bit more liquid. If the mix is too dense the top of the loaf will not be even. However, wholemeal bread will always be a bit more dense than white bread. If you are using wholegrains you can soak in boiling water and cool to lukewarm. I oftn add more water to my wholemeal bread if I can hear the breadmaker struggling a bit. Even though I make bread about every third day I still get a variation in the loaves. On a warm, humid day the bread is always the best!

jazz46, Aug 14, 7:52am
hi is your yeast fresh this can make a big difference

nauru, Jan 24, 10:58am
I add 1 tablsp gluten flour to each cup of wholemeal flour, I find this helps to make a lighter loaf, tip from bread book.