Cascade Breadmaker EMI076

mellisa2000, May 23, 6:39am
I just brought a breadmaker off trade me and it didn't come with an instruction manual, does anyone know how to use this one?

kmr48, May 23, 6:57am
I have a Cascade breadmaker & use any recipefor a breadmaker & have had no problems. I do have the instructions that came with mine & it says to put the liquids in first followed by the dry ingredients. Hope this helps. I found some good recipes on this thread which I use a lot. Good luck

nauru, May 24, 6:47am
I have listed the breadpan and manual for this model. Sadly my breadmaker died so thought these may be of use to someone with the same model... #291945817.

guest, Nov 28, 7:18am
Find the Cascade EMI076 owners manual here for download: