Recipes for Deviant

buzzy110, Aug 13, 4:28am
Hi deviant. Sorry for not posting these sooner. My problem is that I am a 'cook by experience' sort of a cook and don't use recipes per se. so when I sat down to write you a recipe I realised I had no idea just exactly what the quantities were.

Most of the things I make are in my head and I only use a recipe for cakes and biscuits and when I encounter an unfamiliar process. Therefore I had to wait till I made the goods before coming up with a recipe. I also wanted to give carbs as well.

Here is the first one. The second is still on my stove 'cooking'.

buzzy110, Aug 13, 4:47am
100g Lindt Dark chocolate
100g Frozen Raspberries
500mls Cream
3sheets Gelatine
1. Cut or crush the Gelatine into ¼cup of cold water to soften it
2. Cook the Raspberries on a gentle heat.
3. Take your softened gelatine from the water and squeeze out excess water.
4. Add to the hot raspberries and stir till it has dissolved (hard to see but you'll figure it out)
5. Pour in the contents of a 500ml jar of Cream and add in the Chocolate (broken up).
6. Continue to stir over the heat till the chocolate has melted
7. Pour into 6 Dario moulds or ensure you have 6 equal servings
8. Put into fridge to set. Eat however you want.
I don’t use any sweetener preferring to let the raspberries and chocolate provide taste
If liked, one can make raspberry jus out of the raspberries and then heat that and dissolve the gelatine in that. Put the left over pulp into the base of the Dario moulds
The carb counts came from the packets themselves:
You can vary this recipe with whatever turns you on. It is not set in stone and I make it this way because IMO chocolate and raspberry is a combination made in heaven.
Carbs: Chocolate – 14. 7g, Raspberries – 4. 7, Cream – 16. 5 = Total – 35. 9grams
Divided by 6 each serving is approx 6grms of carbs

Heat raspberries and press through a sieve (don’t use a fine mesh sieve or you’ll hardly get any jus and a whole lot of pulp)

buzzy110, Aug 13, 4:53am
Actually cream and cream cheese combined with gelatine can make a few interesting 'dessert' type dishes.

For instance, if you took the jus and dissolved the gelatine and chocolate in it, then cooled it, you could make a mousse simply by adding it to whipped cream, rather than plain cream.

You can also soften a tablespoon of gelatine and dissolve it in plain hot water or some heated berry juice, whip out a container of cream cheese, whip 250mls of cream and combine the whole lot with some fresh strawberries or blueberries.

All you have to do is decide what you want to end up with and work from there. I am aware that there aren't too many opportunities for low carb desserts or decadences, especially if you don't like sweet foods, but the last idea could go onto a cheese platter if you made it stiff enough.

buzzy110, Aug 13, 5:04am
500g Jar Creamed Coconut
150-200g White Cacao Butter
50g toasted or plain Coconut Threads (optional)
1tspn Ground Cinnamon (optional)
1. Get a small pot and half fill with water. Bring to the boil then turn down to the lowest temperature setting you can achieve
2. Put your jar of Creamed Coconut into that and leave it for ½hr or till the contents are soft enough to use a knife to get out of the jar. Put to one side and pour out the water.
3. Melt the Cacao butter in the pot at a low temperature and at the lowest temperature once again, add the contents of the jar.
Stir till all is smooth and melted.

a. At this point you can pour into a baking tin mould (rectangular if possible) and set in the fridge or you can add optional ingredients.
b. I have found that when I add stuff the 'cocochoc' becomes more brittle and harder to slice so I use up to 200g of the Cacao Butter to stop that.
c. Or you can add the coconut and cinnamon.

4. Put it in the fridge to set. Take out before it sets hard (about 1½ - 2hrs) and slice into slices. 20 slices are approx 4grms if you use the coconut.

Once again, I don't sweeten as the Creamed coconut is sweet enough for me.

buzzy110, Aug 13, 5:09am
Notes: Honestly, I wouldn't like to give either of these 'sweets' to anyone who has a sweet tooth as they would find them completely and utterly awful. On the other hand, my DH who doesn't have a sweet tooth in his head, keeps a strict eye on the Cocochoc levels and likes to remind me when stocks are running low so that there is always some in the fridge.

And also, as low carbing is quite high in satiety, it is very easy to keep portions small. Sometimes I'll only eat half a panna cotta and eat the other half the next day.

You can flavour your cocochoc with whatever you like. I use what I use because cinnamon helps lower blood sugar and depresses desire for carbs even more and my DH is a toasted coconut fiend - no other reason.

deviant7, Jan 21, 12:11pm
Awesome thanks very much for these Buzzy