Microwave Coconut Ice

ribit, Aug 9, 9:09am
This is so easy and creamy I bet you make it twice at least:)
4 cups icing sugar
100 gms butter
1/4 cup milk
microwave for 4 minutes then beat untill its smooth and add 1 1/2 cups coconut and a few drops vanilla, pour 1/2 the mixture into your tray, colour the other 1/2 and pour on top. enjoy

hoffy10, Aug 28, 6:38am
Thank you i gave been looking for really easy fail proof sweets to make for a stall i will try this recipe. Thanks

juliewn, Sep 12, 2:02am
Hi Robit.. thanks for posting your recipe.. I agree - it's very easy - and sets beautifully..

I've also now made the recipe, adding 1 tablespoon cocoa, cooking as above, then instead of coconut, used 1 & 1/2 cups peanuts.. peanut fudge.. yum!

Thanks :-)

cap, Sep 12, 2:20am
I'm thinking of making this and was wondering how far in advance you can make it?I was looking at another recipe and someone mentioned it can get rather firm after a few days.

juliewn, Sep 12, 2:40am
My apologies for my spelling error.. thanks Ribit..

Hi Cap :-).. hope you're having a lovely day..

I cut it through when almost set, then cut it apart when fully set.. and kept it in the fridge.. it would easily last a week or so.. it didn'tstay around that long though!! lol..

cap, Sep 12, 4:50am
Thanks for that. It's needed for Wednesday so will probably make Thursday night.Having a lovely lazy day thanks - hope you are too.

juliewn, Mar 13, 11:56am
Hi.. yes.. poured with rain this morning, sun is shining now.. have the fire set to light when it gets colder later..

Take care :-)