Pastry help please~!

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darlingmole, Aug 14, 4:46am
Cooky ~ I wonder if that's what I'm doing wrong? I'm not using your salmon mixture but my mums one (3/4 C cream, chopped bacon, diced onion, sliced mushrooms and grated cheese)? ? ? I also followed your instructions by chilling the pastry shell before puting the quiche in the oven but to no avail ... still seeped all over my new oven! So do you think I should use your (gorgeous sounding! ) salmon recipe and see how I get on? ... . (ps: appreciate all your advice)

elliehen, Aug 14, 4:59am
Where are the eggs? ?

darlingmole, Aug 14, 5:08am
ha~! you got me elliehen ... my computer's playing up big time today so I lost the thread a bit. I use 3 eggs in the recipe

elliehen, Jan 24, 12:45am
For an instant I thought that might be the reason for the runaway quiche ;)