Anybody know where to get pork buns in bulk?

mone, Feb 20, 10:00am
Need one for a stall we are doing this coming saturday, cooked, but need quite a lot and I can't cook them lol

bob_doe_nz, Feb 20, 11:36am
You could try a local yum char restaurant if they could make them (Baked, steamed or triangles). Or asian supermarket.

There is a company that makes them (The steamed variant) in Pakuranga, Auck, though I can't remember if they do 'door sales'. They do BBQ Pork, savoury pork, chicken, plain dough, bean paste.

They are sold in Asian Supermarkets so look out for them as a sample as 6 packs.

Guang Xiang Food LTD.
7B Canon Place, Pakuranga.
PH 577 1328, Fax 577 1338

mone, Feb 20, 11:43am
Thanks lots, will look into them

bob_doe_nz, Feb 20, 11:56am
Also, I'm not sure if they talk chinglish either. Their buns are quite large size as well. Buy a pack from the Asian supermarket first to try them.

With yum char places, they tend to be smaller and you can jack up the prices ;-)

Which part of Jafaville are you located?

mone, Feb 20, 11:58am
LOL Near Western Springs

bob_doe_nz, Feb 20, 12:07pm
Bummer. Don't know any yum char places around there.

andrea1978, Feb 21, 2:06am
best ones i've had are at the avondale markets - no idea whether they make them themslves or not but they are yum! ! ! ! ! ! ! so sorry i'm no help :p

davidt4, Feb 21, 2:17am
There are several Chinese food markets in the city, and they all have frozen pork buns. The easiest parking is at Tai Ping Trading in Beach Road, and there is Lim Chhour in K Rd in the old Rendells building, and another huge place just off K Rd at the end of Mercury Lane. There is also the place at the city end of Dominion Rd that used to be called Silver Bell but recently changed its name. Valentino - are you out there? Can you recall its new name?

Anyway, you should be able to gather together enough buns quite easily if you visit a couple of these places.

2boysmum, Feb 22, 2:56am
going to ask the obvious... but what are pork buns? ?

spongeypud, Feb 22, 8:53am
2boysmum they are delicious, you buy them at the Asian stores, have some in the freezer now, wish I hadn't seen this thread now lol.

bob_doe_nz, Feb 28, 10:08am
Bumping up as I want to know what happened.

aktow, Sep 15, 10:45am
mt albert asian market, , glenn innes chineseshop.

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