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arden22, Nov 21, 1:27am
Have just bought a jelly mould on TM. Can anyone tell me how to go about making club sandwiches in it? I had some recently at a Pot-Luck lunch - they were delicious and looked good and that's what made me buy the jelly mould. Any hints would be appreciated. Many thanks.

dollmakernz, Nov 21, 1:34am
if you google tupperware jello mold recipe, there are heaps of them. Good Luck!

arden22, Nov 21, 6:13am
Thank you for that - will have a go!

nattles88, Nov 21, 6:18am
and if you like cake, you must try the black forest cake in that mould, its the greatest

52many, Nov 21, 7:04am
I love mine. I have two of them. They are so popular at parties etc, they always seem to go first. I bought one of mine off TM and the other at a garage sale for $0. 50. Best money I've ever spent. Just one thing though, make sure you have all the fillings at hand, ready to go. It can be a bit messy the first time but you soon get the hang of it. Have fun! ! ! Im off to look at google for some more inspirational ideas.

duckmoon, Nov 21, 7:13am
I got my recipe from the Tupperware website

beewee, Nov 21, 7:42am
Can you explain how to make the sandwiches in mould. I dont understand how to make them. Also can you give me the recipe for the black forest cake.

fishheadsoup, Nov 21, 8:19am
can someone give me directions please trying for ages to find the way to make these on tupperware sites many thanks

nzhel, Nov 21, 12:26pm
I couldn't
find it for ages either fisheadsoup but found this eventually on a Tupperware site so suppose its the recipe mentioned - can someone confirm please.
Club Sandwich:
1 Loaf of Square Sandwich bread (cut all crusts off) Meats; ham chicken and salami etc (about 2-3 pkgs)
Mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, dressing, lettuce, onions, pickles, olives, cheese anything else you like on sandwiches.
You will be making 2-3 layers of all the ingredients above. Place bread slices around bottom of the mold. Press in to the grooves - corners will overlap.
Layer the ingredients above in order, on top of bread. PRESS each layer down. Repeat layers again starting with bread.
PRESS as you go depending on thickness of layers, you may be able to get one more layer. End with a layer of bread. Seal and refrigerate
for 1/2 an hour.
Four questions - would tomato slices make it too soggy, also do you do a complete 'round' of the same ingredient - eg one layer of ham topped with bread, then a layer of cheese etc or do you sort of 'mix and match' as you go around?
Is 1/2 an hour long enough to 'set' it and would you use an electric knife to cut it neatly when its turned out?
Thanks in advance!

fishheadsoup, Nov 21, 8:55pm
thanks for that just couldnt imagine how it would work will give it a try

rog.e, Nov 21, 11:29pm
The only version I have ever eaten was on a marae where they were made by my neighbour. She used white bread and tomatoes with all the seeds removed and well drained. They were not soggy. They were refrigerated overnight. They looked beautiful with a Parsley garnish on the serving plates. It was a theme of red, white and green as in the guests homeland flag. Very attractive but my friend would not tell me how she made them. At that stage I'd never heard of the jell-mould. V

lisa7, Nov 21, 11:46pm
Here is a link, make sure your bread is butter side up.

some pics:

http://images. jp
http://images. jp

Enjoy, we make them quite often.

sapphirez, Nov 22, 12:39am
Black Forest Cake

1 slab chocolate sponge cake
1 tin pitted cherries
300ml thickened cream

How to
Slice the slab cake in halves horizontally. Then cut these into 6 slices each
Line the jelly ring with the cut sponge, overlapping the slices. Press down firmly. Drain cherries. Moisten cake with a mix of juice from the cherries and some liqueur. Place cherries on top of cake and add a layer of cream. Top with more cake. Moisten with some more liqueur and juice. Seal and then burp your jelly ling. Place in the freezer for half an hour. Unmold onto a plate, slice and serve.

Apple charlotte—use a tin of pie apples and vanilla cake
Peach melba– use sliced peaches and vanilla cake
Boysenberry gateau—use a tin of boysenberries
Strawberry delight—use fresh or tinned strawberries.

Club Sandwich

Café loaf of bread, buttered with crusts removed
Fillings—4 hard boiled eggs (mashed), shredded lettuce, grated cheese, grated carrot, 2-3 slices ham, 1 small tomato sliced.

How To
Line base and outer edge of the jelly ring with 8 whole slices of bread, buttered side UP, overlapping each other. Place egg, then lettuce on top of bread. Cut several slice of remaining bread in half. Place these over the fillings with the buttered side down and overlapping each slightly. Press down firmly. Place grated cheese then grated carrot into the ring next. Cover with half slices of bread as before then press down firmly. Place ham then tomato into sandwich. Using WHOLE slices of bread, buttered side DOWN, tuck bread between bread lining, over the last filling and then down the inside edge of the jelly ring. Seal and burp. Place in freezer for half an hour, unmold unto a plate, slice and serve

Similar to the club sandwich. Cut your nori (seaweed mat) into strips and line the mould with them, overlapping. Top with half of your cooked rice. Add fillings then more rice, press down with the back of a wet spoon. Top with more nori, tucking in between the other nori and the mould. Refrigerate for 1 hour then turn out and slice to serve.

cap, Nov 22, 3:09am
The sandwiches don't go soggy and I find they are best done the night before. I made one a few hours in advance and it really didn't stay together as well as the ones I usually do over night.

rosielee3, Nov 22, 4:11am
these look so cool! ! !

nzhel, Nov 22, 6:14am
SO much Lisa7 & sapphirez!
It was good to be able to see the photos as I didn't realise the fillings were encased. I thought you would be able to see them from the sides as you do with normal club sandwiches. I probably would have made a bit of a mess with them!
Changing the subject ever so slightly - I had a recipe using the mould with tinned plums, sponge cake and cream. I can't exactly remember how it went now - think you drained the plums and put them in the bottom of the mould, followed by pieces of the sponge pressed down and lastly topped off with whipped cream. The mould was sealed and left in the fridge overnight. It looked really good unmoulded (as if you had spent hours making it! ! ) and the plums made it really nice and tasty. The only thing is I can't remember for sure if it was the plums THEN the cream followed by the sponge - does anyone remember this recipe? It would be good to take to a shared meal over Xmas as I remember being very impressed the first time I saw it several years ago.

griffo4, Nov 23, 11:37pm
Here is a recipe l make and bake in the oven and it is always the first thing to go.
Jello Ring Savoury
Grated cheese in bottom of the ring
1 loaf of sandwich bread, crusts removed
Jar of cheese spread
Filling- bacon, tomato, onion finely chopped, sweetcorn, or anything you like.
Cut crusts off bread and spread with cheese spread, lay diagonally on top of the grated cheese with cheese spread side UP.
Put onion and tomato layer then 1/2 slice bread cheese side DOWN.
Then do a layer of bacon or whatever meat you like then another 1/2 slice of bread with cheese spread side DOWN then a layer of sweetcorn, repeat layers until full with 1/2 slice bread cheese spread side down last.
Put lid on and burp and place in freezer for 15-20mins or fridge overnight then turn out and bake 180C for 20 mins or until golden

lil_miss_haley, Nov 23, 11:50pm
nzhel, my mum makes a similar recipe with boysenberries. You layer chunks of sponge first, then spoon the berries and juice over, then a layer of whipped cream. Repeat and finish with a layer of sponge. Can't remember if we put berries in first or not, but should be ok either way.

Duh I just realised its exactly the same as the black forest cake method lol. Its really really yummy though

nanberrie, Nov 24, 12:40am
Wow what a fantastic idea, bring on the next coffee group ! ! Thanks guys

lisa7, Nov 24, 5:38am
** Jel Ring Pizza **

This is done similar to the club sandwich, with 1 loaf of Multi Grain Restaurant Bread with the crusts cut off. First take the Jel Ring and place in mold middle seal. Line with 1/2 cup grated cheese. Take a piece of bread and place it over the cheese making sure that the bread is at the top of the Jel ring that is closest to your body, (you will note the bread only just touches the middle seal. Do this all the way around overlapping the bread so you see no ring. Coat with
tomato paste and then place in some chopped ham and onion. Cut bread in half and place over the top (2 pieces) as long as they touch. In to next layer place a little grated cheese and chopped mushrooms and capsicum and cover with 1/2 slices of bread again. Next layer a little grated cheese chopped salami and pineapple. Next layer more cheese, ham and onion, keep layering up till you have only about 6 slices of bread left and you will find either you have done 4 or 5 layers. To finish top with full slices of bread overlapping again so your filling does not fall out. Tuck in like your making a bed. Place on seal. Then turn out pizza onto a greased tray.
Cook in Mod oven at 200 degrees till golden and cut with serrated knife.

dbab, Aug 2, 2:31am
Trifle is nice made in the mould too

beebs, Aug 2, 10:15pm
sounds like a great idea, the links above dont work for me... ... ... i would love to see a photo if someone has one

rainrain1, Aug 3, 6:27am
http://images. jp

rainrain1, Aug 3, 6:28am
I'm sure they look better cut-)

uli, Aug 3, 6:28am
Now now - do not talk like that about Black Forest Cake!
It is not at all like "that" ... LOL :)

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